Trends in jeans-Low rise

When jeans came into trend, it was all about high waist jeans pants. But slowly style evolved and various types of jeans-wear came in vogue. The trend of low rise jeans started in the 1960s and gained popularity in the 2000s, becoming the most popular fashion statement among the youth. The distance between the crotch and waist usually helps in determining the rise of any jeans and the low rise jeans sit approximately 8cm below the navel. Low rise jeans are also called “ low-cut jeans”, “hipsters” or “low riders”.  Make Your Own Jeans promises to make jeans as low as you want with the perfect fit.

Low rise jeans come in many different styles and tight versions of these jeans are the most popular. Low rise jeans can also be worn in baggy, flared or ripped style. This kind of jeans usually emphases on skin show mainly between the waist, midriff and hips. In warmer countries, women wear low rise jeans with crop tops, baring most of their midriff including navel.

Low rise jeans are revealing pants and on bending forward, often the hip cleavage is also visible. Make Your Own Jeans allows the wearer to choose how low they want their jeans so that no way they are uncomfortable be it with the fit or the skin show.

Celebrities have endorsed low rise jeans for years and Britney Spears is specially credited for promoting low rise jeans in the 2000s. These jeans are worn by men and women of all age but brands usually target the teenagers. Make Your Own Jeans provides custom fit low rise denim pants of all colors and cuts. With a team of expert tailors and craftsmen, Make Your Own Jeans delivers you the best customized denim wear.

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Types of denims

What is your preferred style of denim? Deadstock look, crispy clean look, detailed western look, grimy stone wash, bleached, selvedge or something else? Denim is a durable and strong fabric. The weavers of MakeYourOwnJeans twill weave white yarns and indigo to create an incredible jean from denim fabric.

The denim fabric is woven using a cent percent cotton yarn. Though, you can find polyester in them to overcome wrinkles and shrinkage. Lycra is also used to add stretch properly. The various faces of denim are stonewashed, printed, brushed, indigo, napped and what not!
MakeYourOwnJeans also uses various customized pattern jeans. These patterns are the most alluring designs on the dry denim. Combs, whiskers, honeycombs, stacks, train tracks are few of them.
MakeYourOwnJeans brings you in acquaintance with various types of denims you can choose to make your customized jeans.
1.Natural denim is uneven in weft and warp. It is a type of ring denim and is uneven naturally. Various floral designs and prints on the natural denim are available.

2.Polycore denim is the blend of cotton and polyester core.

3.Ring spun denim were on demand during. Later they are replaced by cheap open end yarns. The open end yarns are a process where when the yarn is in a twisting state, the individual fibers are fed at one end of the yarn. This kind of denim has a unique surface due to which it showcases an authentic vintage look. These yarns add softness and strength to the fabric.

4.Double ring spun denim produces Ring-Ring denim. The strength of this fabric is the advantage. Dual ring spun denim is usually known as ring X ring. It is much softer than ring spun denim and open end denim. It is usually used for premium labels of denims.

5.Ring denim is a traditional fabric which is revived during the 90s and 80s. The ring spun yarn is used for the warp. It has an uneven appearance of surfaces and softness.

6.The heavy weight denim that weighs around 14 oz though measure only 3×1 is the bull denim. It is later, after the construction the bull denim is garment dyed or printed.

7.Black denim has a black colored warp yarn. This is later dyed to black once the weaving is done. This process makes the jeans completely black rather than grey color.

8.Open end denim is coarser, bulkier and dark in color. They absorb more dye and lasts longer.

9.Over Twisted Denim has crinkled surface as the denim is made by over twisting the fabric while using the yarn.

10.Printed denim is custom denim with stripe, floral, batik or colorful strips on it. Most of the young market is interested in this denim.

11. Reverse Denim is the one that is made by turning the fabric inside out to give a unique look.

12. Pinto Wash Denim is known to be the first bleached denim. It has its own different look.

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Selvedge Jeans: Why are they desirable?

Guys, if you have got the designer jeans, jeans with patches or the paint mark jeans, it is now time to goodbye them. Not just because they don’t look professional or alluring after few days, but having Selvedge Jeans will let them down. Replacing them is of course a great choice. As they are worn more and more, the professional and crisp look enhances. Even after months of wash and wear, a selvedge Jeans can look like this:


What is Selvedge?

The self-finished edged, one-yard wide sheet jeans are called Selvedge. It is also known as self-edge.  However, the non-selvedge denim is made out of any size and they are cut to the desired length. The quality of the selvedge out stream is better and lasts longer compared to non-selvedge.


MakeYourOwnJeans provides high quality Selvedge jeans that can meet your budget, style and choice. For sure you can find your perfect match at MakeYourOwnJeans. The construction and components usage is high while manufacturing Selvedge jeans due to which the cost might be on the higher scale, but each penny paid is worth.

All sizes and fits cannot be tailored with this fabric as the width of selvedge is only 30 inches. Custom fit like tapering, straight, comfort and classy fit only can be stitched with this fabric.



MakeYourOwnJeans makes sure that you are comfortable enough wearing the jean and cherish with it. Always remember to order the custom fit jeans made of selvedge with more turn ups length of around one or two inches. This denim is unwashed for long as they can shrink once washed. This extra length helps during these circumstances.

The uniqueness of Selvedge jeans:

Selvedge jeans are made up of looms of old style shuttle types. One continuous long thread called weft are used while weaving the fabric. The selvedge strip is formed once the thread loops back. The low production jeans from MakeYourOwnJeans are softer and durable fabrics. These types of Jeans fade to give a new look and feel. Look below the nuance of this unique jean.


MakeYourOwnJeans helps you to experience selvedge jeans better.





Fall Denim Trends

A never dying fashion trend and FYI, you can’t even let it go. It’s an addiction and it’s “The skinny jeans”. It goes great with everything over it. From formal blouses, sleeveless, laces, sweaters and jackets. From an uptown to backstreet bad girl look it’s the jeans which gives you all in one look. Be it, Classy edgy to cool, studious to geeky and professional to stylish look. Make Your Own Jeans presents you this popular pair with a bang this season, with floral for the women, sexy fits to daring colors.

Printed jeans:

Seriously people can’t get their eyes off your pants. With a wide range of prints and variations available, getting pretty with them on is pretty easy. Floral, monochromatic abstract images and military inspired camouflage custom jeans are some options. This season is more of symmetric prints but still make sure you get white skinny jean with navy blue floral print custom made clothing. It will always be your fashion crisis manager.

Boyfriend jeans:

You don’t need a boyfriend if you have the boyfriend jeans to make a style statement. Roll the cuffs up and get the lazy look. This season these pair got a skinner look with a better fitting. It looks great with a pair of jacket or an oversized tee till waist length.

Colored jeans:

Pop up colored pants are in fashion for a couple of seasons now. Yes, denim picked up this trend with hues ranging from bottle green, deep burgundy to burnt colored orange. Make sure you have grey slim custom fit jeans in your wardrobe these are the next big thing.

Bleached pattern jeans:

Bleached out (‘acid wash’ custom fit jeans, I actually prefer the previous name) is all you need to add the ‘wow’ factor. Bleached out and custom made tie dye jeans provides a ton of options here.

Distressed jeans:

The ripped and dare it look! You will love it. Get them with a skin fit and zipper at knees and a glittering metallic tank top. Wear the distressed custom jeans with perfect custom made clothing and become the chosen!

Jean skirts:

Tight fit, medium to mini or an A-cut, single color or washed out jeans are a must to show off your sexy legs.


Those cute things! But if you get them wrong it’s a total disaster. Fold them below knee length goes great with checked shirt or fluttery blouse. Give it a sexy look with unbuttoning the front buttons of your top along with the overalls V-cut even better get a short overall but make sure to add a thick brown belt and off white plain linen sleeveless shirt.

Once you start checking out the versatile range of custom fit jeans, it’s pretty hard to take your eye off. The jeans are narrow, loose from the knee, tight with frills, high waist, ironed legs, flat footed, belted and what not! Play with all of them for the right occasion and create a new fall Denim trend.

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