Brazilian Haute Denim

For many, Brazil’s body culture, eternal summer, and supermodels- not to mention its successful bids to host both the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games- make it the sexiest of all the BRIC countries.

Brazillian Denim

At MakeYourOwnJeans, we admire Brazilian styling sensibility. We have a whole range of Brazilian denim to suit your mood and add spunk to your mundane denim wears.

Brazilian Denim is low hung with a wider belt. The zip is shorter and metal buttoned with extra large button holes for a great look. MakeYourOwnJeans custom made denim wear is always exciting. Our Brazilian styling expert helps us tailor such unique denim features for our great customers. So basically, you pick up any denim fabric, provide your measurements, add a nominal fee and enjoy the oh-so-Brazilian-look. To get a hang of our designs and product, check our wardrobe. A simple tee and Brazilian denim is all you need to don in that perfect bohemian look.


Have you been thinking of late that what does all these denim jargon mean; on labels, on product branding and tickets? Here is a happy collection of terms you might find useful for your knowledge and help you in selecting the no-nonsense perfect fit denim for you.

Raw Denim

DENIM SHRINKAGE: To prevent natural denim shrinkage, wash your denim at a low temperature and dry it in the clothesline.

CROCKING: Release color when rubbed, of badly dyed fabric.

CAST: Depending on the mixture of dye, Indigo can be green cast or a red cast. Red is the traditionally recognized pure indigo denim.

RING SPUN: In case of premium denim the yarn used is in weaving is twisted to render the denim greater strength and durability.

SELVAGE DENIM: Denim woven in heritage machines at a much calculated pace. Selvage – the edge of denim that is woven so that it will not ravel or fray the clean edge of fabric. These are high quality denim.

Selvage lDenim

RESIN: to prevent fading and colour was off, resin is a kind of chemical used in the process.

SLUB CHARACTER: is the texture of the denim created by weaving denim with uneven yarns. This kind of texture can be vertical or horizontal or both.

RAW DENIM: Fashion purists prefer raw denim directly from the mill as it takes on a worn-in look with continuous wear.


Here we are in summer finally; a great time to take off for style no matter if you are at the beach, boat, or simply walking to the office. Chinos are great staple for your daily fashion and they can be worn year round. From tee-shirt, sneakers to sports coat and all, you can wear chinos with absolutely everything. There are endless possibilities that you can dabble with.
Chinos never interfere with age. In fact chinos are usually classic and render a classic feel.


Just any shade is the best shade.

At MakeYourOwnJeans we offer variety in colour for chinos and the ones in in lighter shade are much promising and in demand. Darker shades of blue, brown, beige are often common color to own.

Well, no matter what you wear, perfection is something everyone would vie for and accessories can only complement that perfection. With a dark blue shade of chino complete your look with a sport coat and remember to include a pocket square. As a rule of thumb, a sport coat and a square, both go hand in hand. But you literally have your entire wardrobe at your disposal when it comes to pairing them with chinos. If shirts become boring, try your polos.

Be a fashionista with back-to-school denim fashion tips!

Denims can be as basic or as snazzy as your heart desires. A great pair of denims can really pull together an outfit, while a bad one can ruin the look of even a designer tee. So ladies, as you head out to shop for your back-to-school outfits, read our blog first to know what’s hot and what’s not this year.

1. Boyfriend Jeans - The boyfriend look is the hottest in school hallways this year. Choose from distressed, rolled up, or with some bling on it – rock this style in your own way. Oversized slouchy jeans with cropped or rolled up ends look great with fitted tees as well as boyfriend shirts. You can even go for shorts in the same style.


2. Skinny Jeans - Skinny jeans will never truly go out of fashion. What better way to show off your summer-fit figure than in a pair of dark body-hugging skinny jeans? Team it up with buttoned shirts for a casual look, or a nice blouse for a dressy look.


3. Overalls/ Dungarees - Go retro with a pair of denim overalls, paired with a comfy tee. Overalls this season have a very lived-in, 90s look. Choose distressed denim for the lumberjack look, or go jazzy and ultra-chic with stones, embellishments and embroidery.


4. Skirts – Can’t get over the hangover of summer? You don’t need to! Layer your miniskirts with tights and wear your summer favorites to school. Its great for a sporty and flirty look.


Distressed denims continue to be hot and fashionable this season. Another hot style is patchwork denims. Pair them with a shirt or blouse depending on whether you want a rugged or casual look.

Skinny, distressed, boyfriend, or patchwork – what is your back-to-school denim fashion pick? Find your personal style with custom denims at

Dress Like A Star with MakeYouOwnJeans Celebrity Jackets!

Iron Man, Max Payne, Wolverine or Ethan Hawke. Wish you could look like your favorite movie character? MakeYourOwnJeans brings you Celebrity Jackets in the styles of famous stars and movie characters. Go retro with the Elvis Presley look, or dress like the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Ladies, there is no need to feel left out! There are cool options for you too. Dress savvy as Bella from Breaking Dawn or go rugged as Katnis from The Hunger Games.

X - Men Origins Wolverine Leather Jacket

X – Men Origins Wolverine Leather Jacket

Indiana Jones Leather Jacket

Indiana Jones Leather Jack

The jackets are true replicas of the styles and designs made popular by movie stars. Made out of Pure Napa Sheep Skin Soft Leather, they are sure to make you feel like a star as well as look like one! With up to 50 colors and textures available for each jacket, you are sure to find one that suits your own personal style. Choose from our preset sizes, or get one custom-made just for you.


Katniss from The Hunger Games

Combine any jacket with your favorite pair Khakis or Jeans and you’ll be ready to wow the world with your dashing looks and style. Luxuriate in the feel of soft leather and make an impression on the world with Celebrity Leather Jackets from MakeYourOwnJeans!

Skirt all attention!

Skirts are feminine. They are essential clothing for women’s wardrobes. Skirts can be worn in any occasion. Skirts can be paired up with tees, tops, blouses, jackets etc. It depends on what the occasion calls for. So, if a particular style of skirt does not suit your liking, you can select from the below styles. And all these are available for easy purchase. When selecting skirts, just remember that if you go for neutral shades, you have much more options of elegant dressing than if you go for bright and jazzy ones. Colorful or patterned skirts are fun but the subtle colors are always show stealers.

1. A-Line Skirt


A- line skirts are smaller at the waist and widen evenly as they fall in length. Both at the hemline and the waistline, they are wider. There’s no specific length of A-line skirts as they are available in knee length, calf length and ankle length. These skirts appear are usually casual or semi-dressy. These skirts are ideal option for non-formal events.

2. Bubble Skirt


Bubble skirts have a playful look. These skirts are fitted with elastic at the waistline and are always measured above the knees.  The elastic fitting is done to give the skirts, a scrunched up look. Some bubble skirts can be dressy. The fabric chosen for making these skirts enhance its bubble appearance.

3. Flared Skirt


Depending on the materials used, flared skirts can be semi-dressy, dressy, or formal. Similar to A-line skirts however these skirts flare out towards the bottom. These skirts can be stitched calf length, knee length, or above the knees.

4. Flounced Skirt


These skirts flare from the waistline. In most cases, depending on the fabric, tailors cut out cloth in triangular fashion with the narrower part intended for the waistline. Then cuts are stitched together for a natural flair without pleats. If the fabric is supportive, the flair is natural. Flounced skirts can be extremely sassy, if dressed up with proper accessories.

5. Straight Skirt


Straight skirts are loose at the knees and fitted to the waist. Straight skirts are extremely comfortable and comparatively less tight than a pencil skirt. These skirts can be anything from casual to dressy, or formal depending on its fabric.

And the interesting thing is that, with MakeYourOwnJeans, all these skirts are available in leather fabric and denim as well. So check out our wardrobe today!


Did you try pairing your custom-made denim skirt with neutral tones? You can try so with camel-colored accessories! Many avoid purchasing a denim skirt because it appears to be unflattering. However, if you try as suggested, you are sure going to revisit this blog for more such amazing bet on your fashion. Screen print tees are also pretty cool to go with your custom denim skirt. A custom-made denim skirt can make endless combinations!

You may not like to wear certain dresses that you have had exhausted as a child or lived through the fashion during teenage, but, the denim skirt idea is simply unputdownable. Custom denim skirts have always been a fashion staple – there was once the micro mini rage exclusively pampering the Christina Aguilera aspirants in fashion. And then, the generation of longer jean skirts preceding the micro mini; too stretchy, tight and faded, or way too polished as per individual preference. And now the thigh length or knee length denim skirts always rendered that sweet, go-getting, next-door-girl-yet-uptown-craze look. Denim skirts are dainty and feminine. It brings sass to the party!


These days, when Rihanna, Hillary Duff, Addison Timlin and quite a few others rave in denim skirts, it is simply reassuring that the cult of denim skirt is surely not going to dissipate any time sooner. Dark custom denim skirt can look either dressy or casual depending on the blouse and shoes.

Check out our MakeYourOwnJeans collection of short custom denim skirts. Great reviews of our style and textile have appeared in amazing online magazines like the, New York Times, Woman’s World, and the Wall Street Journal among the notable few.

Custom denim skirts are always the girl thing. And when it is denim, it is the feminine empowered. You deserve it girl. Go get them!

The Dirtier the Better- a tale of distressed denim

Distressed denim is surely the in-thing in contemporary fashion. For young folks and hard working professionals, distressed denim is a relief garment. One would not need to bother cleaning such heavyweight fabric from time to time. Now you all can tell your moms not to worry about your days, weeks and months old, dirty denim jeans. It is cool to flaunt a pair of distressed denim and such is in vogue.

Heard about the recent wild life conservation initiative conducted by the Kamine Zoo in Japan? The animals at the zoo chewed and distressed the fabric which was later sewn into jeans and sold for charity fund-raising. This is one noble initiative to give denim a new facelift. Just in case you are in Japan, visit the zoo to check this out and also, how denim can be a socially responsible person’s daily wear.

Distressed Denim

Distressed Denim

At MakeYourOwnJeans, we have a great range of chemically distressed denim jeans for you. It is extremely uptown and fashionable to be in distressed denim in a pair of alluring shoes and a simple tee. While summers may exhaust you physically, you may always stand against such heat in our custom-made distressed denim jeans. Just choose the fabric, choose your design, buttons, zippers, thread and send in your measurements and voila! You may be doing the same chores but the feel good of distressed denim will take away all monotony!

Fashion does not cost labels but confidence!



We believe in the principle difference between buying something and earning something. While it goes without saying that buying is the money paid for acquiring goods, earning is a thought deeper.

Leather dress

Leather dress

Only when you have really worked hard, that you are paid for your services and that becomes your hard earning. Things you acquire through your hard earned money are your earnings too. At MakeYourOwnJeans, when our customers invest their hard earned money in acquiring our range of denim and other wearable, we ensure that the feeling of owning them and wearing them, is equally or more than satisfying. Rest assured, when you are a MakeYourOwnJeans customer, you are privileged to receive and enjoy the best.

Check out from the range of our denim and leather pants, skirts and dresses. Pure denim is equal to a gemstone and at MakeYourOwnJeans we never compromise with its quality in anyway. Custom denim is a part of shopping menu at various online stores, but none will recommend them as much we do. We want you to enjoy confidence of wearing perfectly fitted clothing than a namesake label. Our range of custom-denim jeans, leather skirts and dresses are crafted for the discerning fashionistas.

This July, we have some amazing new stuff on display ranging from ties to back pocket embroideries and several other featured denim and leather wearable. Check them out and we are sure you cannot wait to place your order for with us. We are a reputed firm and regularly coach our tailors on latest fashion and trends to ensure you enjoy the latest!

Holidaying in Beach Shorts

In mood for beach Holiday?

In mood for beach Holiday?

Planning your beach holiday this summer? Great! Holidaying is a great way of distressing oneself. And beaches are always beautiful. The waves, the surf, the sand and sea-shells inspire unforgettable memories that one can stock up for life.

But beach holidays are incomplete without bikinis and shorts. You know it, right? Beach wearable mustn’t interfere with the fun, frolic and freedom that one can experience there. Naughty men of all ages can deck up in bright shorts, and if not over sunny, can avoid tees and shirts for a favorable sun tan. And our forever-sixteen-ladies, they know how to beat the heat!

Denim Shorts

Hollywood actors in denim beach shorts

Beach fashion is always in vogue for minimal clothing necessity. One can be crazy and funky when choosing colors, print, fabric, stitch etc. At MakeYourOwnJeans we are friends of folks who boss their fashion with great élan. The pricing is the last thing you would like to check out as our beach shorts are eye-stealers. We have beach shorts in cargoes, linen and denim for both men and women.

So, let those lovely legs bask in sun and handsome guys steal your sight when you try out MakeYourOwnJeans custom shorts stitched to your shape and size. Let your guy find a reason for being extra cozy with you at a beach holiday. Let your partner not leave you alone on the shore and go surfing with his friends.


Men in beach shorts

And all you handsome dandies don’t miss to flex your brawn and the well-trained chest and six pack ab in our amazing beach-shorts. Some mermaid out there is waiting for an eye-tease.


Catch a mermaid in MakeYourOwnJeans beach shorts

Laughing, Eh?  At MakeYourOwnJeans, fashion is a serious business and we deliver it with joy.