10 Ways to Include More Denim in Your Outfits

10 Ways to Include More Denim in Your Outfits

Do you enjoy the look and feel of denim? Sure you do! Consisting of a strong and durable warp-faced textile, denim is undoubtedly popular. It features a distinct classic appearance that’s easy to incorporate into your outfits. When most people think of denim, though, they envision jeans. While nearly all jeans are made of denim, there are other types of garments and accessories featuring this popular textile. Here are 10 easy ways to include more denim in your outfits.

#1) Accessorize With a Denim Jacket

You can always accessorize your outfits with a denim jacket. Also known as a jean jacket, it’s a great way to add a touch of denim to just about any outfit. You can wear a denim jacket over a dress for a casual look, or you can dress it up with a skirt or slacks. For a more stylish look, try pairing a denim jacket with a printed shirt or top. Regardless, denim jackets offer the perfect way to include more denim in your outfits.

#2) Sport a Pair of Denim Shorts

Not all denim pants are long. There are shorts made of denim as well. Known as jean shorts or denim shorts, they are incredibly versatile. You can wear a pair of denim shorts in just about any casual outfit. Maybe you’re heading to the beach for some fun in the sun, or perhaps you’re getting ready to run errands around town. As long as you’re wearing a casual outfit, you can sport a pair of denim shorts. They will complement your casual outfits while helping you create a timeless appearance in the process.

#3) Switch to Cargo Jeans

Rather than wearing the same pair of ordinary jeans day after day, you should consider switching to cargo jeans. Cargo jeans are still made of denim, and they still feature a full-length construction that extends just past the ankles when worn. The difference, of course, is that cargo jeans feature cargo pockets on the side, whereas regular jeans only feature the two main front pockets, two main rear pockets and a small “watch pocket.”

#4) Wear a Denim Shirt

You might be surprised to learn that there are shirts made of denim. Available for sale here at MakeYourOwnJeans, denim shirts offer a great way to add a touch of stylish denim to any outfit. You can wear a denim shirt with jeans for a denim-on-denim look, or you can wear it over a dress. You can even wear a denim shirt with a printed skirt. Like with jeans, there’s really no wrong way to wear a denim shirt. Denim shirts are versatile and can be worn with countless other garments and accessories.

#5) Invest in a Denim Skirt

You can include more denim in your outfits by investing in a denim skirt. Skirts aren’t limited to traditional textiles like cotton and wool; you can find them in other materials, including denim. A denim skirt is a smart investment that will allow you to dress up your outfits with a touch of denim. You can wear it with a blouse or t-shirt, or you can pair the denim skirt with a jean jacket. If it’s cold outside, you can even wear a denim skirt with leggings.

#6) Protect Your Outfit With a Denim Overcoat

In addition to standard jean jackets, there are denim overcoats. Denim overcoats are still classified as jackets, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they are the same as jean jackets. Denim overcoats are longer and more protective than their standard counterparts. A typical denim overcoat will extend several inches past the knees when worn. This long length will protect your outfit from the elements. If it’s raining outside, for instance, you can wear a denim overcoat to keep your outfit — as well as your body — dry and comfortable.

#7) Enhance Your Suits With a Denim Necktie

Another way to include more denim in your outfits is to wear a denim necktie. Neckties are formal accessories that are worn in conjunction with a suit. Also known simply as a tie, it consists of a piece of cloth or material that’s wrapped around the collar of a dress shirt. You can find neckties in different materials. Some of them are made of silk or viscose, whereas others are made of denim. With their unique and one-of-a-kind appearance, denim neckties are guaranteed to make a fashion statement.

#8) Choose Jeans With a Bright Thread Color

For a more eye-catching style, you should consider choosing jeans with a bright thread color. All jeans feature thread. While the thread typically consists of a soft color, such as beige or white, you can find jeans with a bright thread color. There are indigo jeans, for example, with a red thread color. They still feature a mostly indigo or dark blue color, but they have red thread. The red thread makes them stand out.

#9) Wear a Denim Cap

If you enjoy wearing caps as part of your outfits, you may want to wear a denim cap. Denim caps are made of the same denim material as most jeans. There are newsboy style denim caps that, as the name suggests, feature a newsboy style. You can wear them in most of your outfits. Newsboy style denim caps feature a similar style as the caps worn by newspaper delivery boys over a century ago. It’s a unique, timeless style that’s distinguished from the modern styles of new caps produced and sold today

#10) Jump Into a Pair of Denim Overalls

You can include more denim in your outfits by wearing a pair of denim overalls. Denim overalls are suspenders that are made of denim. You can wear them with a t-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt. Denim overalls offer a casual, laid-back appearance that’s easy to incorporate into just about any casual outfit.

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