What Your Jeans Say About You

What Your Jeans Say About You

There’s no denying the fact that jeans are the single most popular style of pants in the world. Studies have shown that the average American owns approximately seven pairs of jeans. Of course, some people own even more, with jeans accounting for the largest segment of their wardrobe. But not all jeans are the same, nor are they are all made equal. Different jeans have subtle nuances in style, shape and overall fashion. This is why it’s important to choose the right jeans that reflect YOUR personality.

Dark vs Light

If you’ve ever shopped for jeans before (which you probably have), you may have noticed just how many different colors are available. Traditionally, nearly all jeans were made using a standard “blue” color, which remains a popular choice among men and women alike today. However, manufacturers have pushed the boundaries by creating jeans in dozens of other colors, some of which include indigo, light blue, faded blue, black, red, green, and just about every other color under the rainbow. Choosing the right color is important, as it will affect the formality of your jeans. A good rule of thumb is to choose dark-colored jeans for formal occasions and light-colored jeans for casual occasions. Dark colors, such as indigo blue and black, typically offer a higher level of formality than their light-colored counterparts.


Boot-cut jeans — a style in which then legs become wider down towards the ankle — are commonly worn by working individuals. There’s a good reason for this trend: boot-cut jeans are designed specifically to be worn with boots. Granted, there’s no rule stating that you must wear them with boots. However, their design allows the wearer to place the bottom of his or her jeans over the top of their boots. As such, the boots are somewhat hidden while the jeans offer the highest level of comfort and style possible. If you’re a hard-working individual who’s always on the go, you should consider investing in a pair of boot-cut jeans for this reason.

 Stretch Denim

Do you prefer stretch over non-stretch jeans? Stretch denim is characterized by the use of an elastic material, with the most common being either polyester or Spandex. Just a small amount of elastic material provides significant “stretch” performance for denim. As such, stretch jeans are often preferred over non-stretch jeans due to their unique qualities. So, what do stretch jeans say about you? Well, they say you’re the type of person who’s always on the go and wants to differentiate him or herself from the crowd.

If you choose stretch jeans, however, it’s important to get the right size. Stretch jeans offer the ability to stretch (hence the name), so it’s best to choose a pair in your particular size. If they are too big, the stretch fabric won’t offer any real benefit. If they are too small, however, you may find them somewhat restrictive and uncomfortable to wear. Always take the time to choose the right size when ordering jeans, especially if they are made of stretch denim.


Retail vs Custom-Made

Most jeans fall under one of two categories: retail or custom-made, with the latter being preferred by most fashion-forward men and women. Retail jeans, also known as off-the-rack jeans, are made using standard sizes and cut-out templates. They are cheaper and generally made with lower quality fabrics and craftsmanship. This, of course, is reflected in their appearance, with retail jeans often suffering from design flaws and blemishes. Custom-made jeans, on the other hand, are a step up from their retail counterpart, featuring custom sizing based on the customer’s measurement.

With custom-made jeans, such as the ones offered and sold here at MakeYourOwnJeans, you specify the sizing and the manufacturer creates them based on this information. This eliminates the burden of trying to find the perfect size off your shoulders. As long you specify the correct size, you’ll get the perfect pair of jeans delivered straight to your doorstep.


Are you the type of person who prefers an edgy/casual look? Well, distressed jeans are probably the right choice. Characterized by frayed fabric, typically around the thighs, knees and sometimes the ankle, distressed jeans are a popular choice for this reason alone. They offer a somewhat aged, worn-in look that’s simply not found in other styles.

A good pair of jeans will last for countless years, assuming you can care for them. If you want your jeans to last this long, you’ll need to follow some basic steps. First and foremost, find the care label, which is usually located inside the waistband. Like most clothes and garments, jeans have a care label which states the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to clean and care for them. Being that different jeans are made with different fabrics and craftsmanship, it’s important follow the manufacturer’s recommendations listed here. If it says wash with cold water and tumble-dry low, then you wash your jeans with cold water and dry them with a low tumble setting. Following this advice will prolong the life of your jeans while protecting against many common forms of damage.

It’s also worth mentioning that washing your jeans too frequently can degrade the fabric. This doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, it takes dozens if not hundreds of washes to make any noticeable difference. This is why some of the leading figures in the denim industry have come out to say that they rarely wash their jeans. If you discover a stain on your jeans, try to spot treat it first. Using nothing more than a damp washcloth with a small amount of color-safe laundry detergent, you can often remove stains without washing the jeans. But if the stain has settled, you’ll probably need to wash the jeans. Just remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations listed on the care label to preserve the color, quality and integrity of your jeans.

So, what do your jeans say about you?

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