Things to Consider When Choosing Chinos

Things to Consider When Choosing Chinos

Looking for a slightly more dressier style of khakis? If so, chinos might be the answer. Although they look similar in terms of appearance to traditional khakis, chinos are designed with an emphasis on craftsmanship, offering a cleaner and more formal appearance. However, there are a few things to consider when shopping for a new pair of chinos.


Chinos are typically made of a 100% cotton-twill fabric, which gives them their characteristic soft and lightweight feeling. However, some companies have begun making them in other materials, including polyester and various cotton-synthetic blends. The great thing about polyester and similar synthetic fabrics is the elasticity that it provides. Unlike pure twill, polyester can stretch, adding comfort to chinos.

Pleats or No Pleats?

Something else to consider when choosing chinos is whether or not you want pleats. Chinos typically come in two different styles: pleated front and flat front. Pleated fronts, as the name suggests, are characterized by a pleat running down the front of each leg. While it’s ultimately a matter of personal preference, most men and women today prefer non-pleated chinos. The biggest complaint with pleated chinos is that they look awkward and unflattering when you sit. But if you plan on standing the entire time, this really isn’t a problem. Again, choose the style that you’re most comfortable wearing.


What color chinos are you looking for? Chinos are available in a wide variety of colors, ranging from white to khaki, tan and dark brown. When choosing chinos, consider the other clothes that you’ll be wearing. If you plan on wearing a light blue button-up shirt with brown leather oxford shoes, then a pair of dark brown-colored chinos would be an excellent choice. With that said, chinos are also available in various designs, including plaid. Feel free to check out our wide selection of chinos by clicking here.


Just like jeans have different “fits,” so do chinos. You’ll find chinos available in regular fit, straight leg, slim fit and more. Think about your weight and body frame when choosing a fit. If you have a slender, narrow build, then slim fit would likely be the best choice. On the other hand, if you have a normal-sized build, you can choose either regular fit or straight leg. Straight leg chinos are characterized by a narrow leg that doesn’t flare at the bottom.

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