Here we are in summer finally; a great time to take off for style no matter if you are at the beach, boat, or simply walking to the office. Chinos are great staple for your daily fashion and they can be worn year round. From tee-shirt, sneakers to sports coat and all, you can wear chinos with absolutely everything. There are endless possibilities that you can dabble with.
Chinos never interfere with age. In fact chinos are usually classic and render a classic feel.


Just any shade is the best shade.

At MakeYourOwnJeans we offer variety in colour for chinos and the ones in in lighter shade are much promising and in demand. Darker shades of blue, brown, beige are often common color to own.

Well, no matter what you wear, perfection is something everyone would vie for and accessories can only complement that perfection. With a dark blue shade of chino complete your look with a sport coat and remember to include a pocket square. As a rule of thumb, a sport coat and a square, both go hand in hand. But you literally have your entire wardrobe at your disposal when it comes to pairing them with chinos. If shirts become boring, try your polos.

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