Holidaying in Beach Shorts

Holidaying in Beach Shorts
In mood for beach Holiday?

In mood for beach Holiday?

Planning your beach holiday this summer? Great! Holidaying is a great way of distressing oneself. And beaches are always beautiful. The waves, the surf, the sand and sea-shells inspire unforgettable memories that one can stock up for life.

But beach holidays are incomplete without bikinis and shorts. You know it, right? Beach wearable mustn’t interfere with the fun, frolic and freedom that one can experience there. Naughty men of all ages can deck up in bright shorts, and if not over sunny, can avoid tees and shirts for a favorable sun tan. And our forever-sixteen-ladies, they know how to beat the heat!

Denim Shorts

Hollywood actors in denim beach shorts

Beach fashion is always in vogue for minimal clothing necessity. One can be crazy and funky when choosing colors, print, fabric, stitch etc. At MakeYourOwnJeans we are friends of folks who boss their fashion with great élan. The pricing is the last thing you would like to check out as our beach shorts are eye-stealers. We have beach shorts in cargoes, linen and denim for both men and women.

So, let those lovely legs bask in sun and handsome guys steal your sight when you try out MakeYourOwnJeans custom shorts stitched to your shape and size. Let your guy find a reason for being extra cozy with you at a beach holiday. Let your partner not leave you alone on the shore and go surfing with his friends.


Men in beach shorts

And all you handsome dandies don’t miss to flex your brawn and the well-trained chest and six pack ab in our amazing beach-shorts. Some mermaid out there is waiting for an eye-tease.


Catch a mermaid in MakeYourOwnJeans beach shorts

Laughing, Eh?  At MakeYourOwnJeans, fashion is a serious business and we deliver it with joy.

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