Jeans specially for the tall-built

Initially the work-wear of coal-miners, jeans pants have become everyday wear for common man and fashion statement for celebrities. With various styles coming up even in jeans pants, it is very important to choose the one that suits your body type. Wearing the wrong size or style can make you look shabby.

For different body types, there are jeans of different cuts and designs. People who are tall and have long legs should opt for flared denims. It helps their physique to have a more defined look. It also helps guys with broader hips to balance the appearance of their physique. A tall lean guy should however opt for low rise straight cut jeans. Straight cut jeans that start low from hips, helps the man look fuller.

For tall ladies, it becomes more difficult to choose the right pair of jeans pants as they want to tone down their height but not curves. Ladies can opt for midrise jeans pants as they help in normalizing the appearance of their muscular thighs. Jeans that are tight at the thighs and get flared knee-onwards help in defining the shape of the legs.  They look fabulous when worn with an oversized top which balances the look. Jeans that have faded color at thighs help in breaking down the length of legs.

It is very important to make sure that the jeans are of accurate measurement as tall people may face severe issues with fitting. Make Your Own Jeans provides custom made jeans pants for all body types. All that one need to do is provide details of fabric, buttons and of course measurements. Make Your Own Jeans has resolved all woes of tall men and women by providing tailor made jeans wear.

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