Did you try pairing your custom-made denim skirt with neutral tones? You can try so with camel-colored accessories! Many avoid purchasing a denim skirt because it appears to be unflattering. However, if you try as suggested, you are sure going to revisit this blog for more such amazing bet on your fashion. Screen print tees are also pretty cool to go with your custom denim skirt. A custom-made denim skirt can make endless combinations!

You may not like to wear certain dresses that you have had exhausted as a child or lived through the fashion during teenage, but, the denim skirt idea is simply unputdownable. Custom denim skirts have always been a fashion staple – there was once the micro mini rage exclusively pampering the Christina Aguilera aspirants in fashion. And then, the generation of longer jean skirts preceding the micro mini; too stretchy, tight and faded, or way too polished as per individual preference. And now the thigh length or knee length denim skirts always rendered that sweet, go-getting, next-door-girl-yet-uptown-craze look. Denim skirts are dainty and feminine. It brings sass to the party!


These days, when Rihanna, Hillary Duff, Addison Timlin and quite a few others rave in denim skirts, it is simply reassuring that the cult of denim skirt is surely not going to dissipate any time sooner. Dark custom denim skirt can look either dressy or casual depending on the blouse and shoes.

Check out our MakeYourOwnJeans collection of short custom denim skirts. Great reviews of our style and textile have appeared in amazing online magazines like the, New York Times, Woman’s World, and the Wall Street Journal among the notable few.

Custom denim skirts are always the girl thing. And when it is denim, it is the feminine empowered. You deserve it girl. Go get them!

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