Ripped Jeans- the forever trend

Ripped jeans are a denim trend that began in the 1990s and are still very much present in the fashion arena. This trend was made popular by grunge artists like Kurt Cobain. Ripped jeans give a rugged look to the wearer and this kind of jeans are formed wear and tear of denim pants. People can even get ripped jeans from suppliers who provide customized jeans. Make Your Own Jeans provides customized tailored jeans and leather products to customers worldwide.

Ripped Jeans can be worn high waist and low waist and the wear and tear can be totally natural or can be created by the wearer. Ripped Jeans can be styled in various ways and it’s not a tough job to look trendy and sporty in ripped jeans. One can wear ripped jeans with a printed blazer for a day-night look or an over-sized t-shirt can also tone down the appearance. A crop top worn with ripped jeans adds to oomph to your personality. Have an overall denim look with a denim top or shirt with ripped jeans pants.

One can create ripped jeans on his/her own by using scissors and distressing the jeans. However, some people may find it difficult to make natural looking rips. There are many custom jeans making companies who provide customized jeans. They add rips and holes as per the choice of the wearers. Ripped jeans need to be prepared with lot of care with the detailing. A wrong cut or rip can make the entire jeans pant useless. Make Your Own Jeans makes sure such errors don’t take place giving flawless styles and designs to the customers.

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