Semi-Aniline Waxed Leather

Wearing leather is not just about style but it’s also part of showcasing luxury. But leather requires undergoing lot of processing so that one can wear it and look fashionable. Aniline leather is the kind of leather that is not chemically treated by any dye or wax. The original grained leather surface can be clearly seen without any hindrance of dyes or colored wax.

Semi-aniline leathers are the ones that have a top coating of dye or wax. This kind of leather is also called waxed leather. Despite the wax coating, the grainy surface of the leather could be seen but with more consistency in color and durability. Usually the hides that have got minor imperfections undergo factory processes of dying and milling and get converted to semi-aniline leathers.


 After the process of dying and milling, the hide gets a coat of dye sprayed onto it. After the dyeing processing, a coat of transparent wax is applied in order to impart a glossy sheen or matte look. Waxed leather doesn’t have the appearance of pure leather and looks synthetic but actually it protects the texture of the leather. Make Your Own Jeans provides custom made leather products. Be it trousers or jackets for men or even dresses for women, everything comes tailored at Make Your Own Jeans.


 Waxed leather adds a more sophisticated look to hides that have imperfection or are of poor quality. This also ensures that customers get to wear leather at a slightly pocket-friendly price. Make Your Own Jeans provides tailor-made leather products mostly made of Pure Napa Sheep Leather. With the measurements accurate, customers get leather products exactly the way they wanted to have.

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