Types of denims

What is your preferred style of denim? Deadstock look, crispy clean look, detailed western look, grimy stone wash, bleached, selvedge or something else? Denim is a durable and strong fabric. The weavers of MakeYourOwnJeans twill weave white yarns and indigo to create an incredible jean from denim fabric.

The denim fabric is woven using a cent percent cotton yarn. Though, you can find polyester in them to overcome wrinkles and shrinkage. Lycra is also used to add stretch properly. The various faces of denim are stonewashed, printed, brushed, indigo, napped and what not!
MakeYourOwnJeans also uses various customized pattern jeans. These patterns are the most alluring designs on the dry denim. Combs, whiskers, honeycombs, stacks, train tracks are few of them.
MakeYourOwnJeans brings you in acquaintance with various types of denims you can choose to make your customized jeans.
1.Natural denim is uneven in weft and warp. It is a type of ring denim and is uneven naturally. Various floral designs and prints on the natural denim are available.

2.Polycore denim is the blend of cotton and polyester core.

3.Ring spun denim were on demand during. Later they are replaced by cheap open end yarns. The open end yarns are a process where when the yarn is in a twisting state, the individual fibers are fed at one end of the yarn. This kind of denim has a unique surface due to which it showcases an authentic vintage look. These yarns add softness and strength to the fabric.

4.Double ring spun denim produces Ring-Ring denim. The strength of this fabric is the advantage. Dual ring spun denim is usually known as ring X ring. It is much softer than ring spun denim and open end denim. It is usually used for premium labels of denims.

5.Ring denim is a traditional fabric which is revived during the 90s and 80s. The ring spun yarn is used for the warp. It has an uneven appearance of surfaces and softness.

6.The heavy weight denim that weighs around 14 oz though measure only 3×1 is the bull denim. It is later, after the construction the bull denim is garment dyed or printed.

7.Black denim has a black colored warp yarn. This is later dyed to black once the weaving is done. This process makes the jeans completely black rather than grey color.

8.Open end denim is coarser, bulkier and dark in color. They absorb more dye and lasts longer.

9.Over Twisted Denim has crinkled surface as the denim is made by over twisting the fabric while using the yarn.

10.Printed denim is custom denim with stripe, floral, batik or colorful strips on it. Most of the young market is interested in this denim.

11. Reverse Denim is the one that is made by turning the fabric inside out to give a unique look.

12. Pinto Wash Denim is known to be the first bleached denim. It has its own different look.

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