Rocker Chic Fashion Tips


Rocker chic basically refers to the style of clothing worn by members of modern day rock bands. Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne and Madonna are just a couple of women who are prime example of the rocker chic look.

As opposed to traditional outfits and attire, rocker chic tends to go away from designer and name brand clothing and places more emphasis on unique pieces. Remember, most fashionable rockers don’t wear polo shirts with a pair of khakis. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing this, it’s pretty far from the ideal rocker chic look.

Worn Jeans

Worn and slightly faded jeans are an excellent choice for the rocker chic look. Not only are they stylish, but a pair of worn-in jeans are comfortable as well. You don’t have to go ripping them to shreds, but instead wash them about half a dozen times until they begin to fade and look worn. If you don’t have the time or energy necessary to wash your jeans this many times, you can purchase worn jeans from certain stores.


Find a unique t-shirt that expresses your personality or likes in one way or another. If you’re having trouble coming up with something, think about what rock members wear and try to find something similar. There’s really no right or wrong way to choose a rocker chic t-shirt. Just stay away from plain designs and choose more unique looks. When in doubt, you can always wear a t-shirt with the name or logo of your favorite band on it.


Accessorizing is an important step in achieving the perfect rocker chic look. Avoid wearing expensive diamonds or gold jewelry and focus more on rocker-style accessories. Leather wristbands and beaded necklaces are just a couple of accessories which go hand-in-hand with rocker chic attire.

Go Vintage

You probably haven’t seen too many rockers wear an outfit made of entirely new clothes. Most rockers opt for vintage and slightly worn clothes to create a rocker chic look. This is good news for you, as you can do some bargain shopping at local thrift stores to come up with some rocker chic outfits.

Did You Know? Fun Facts About Denim Jeans


Americans Love Jeans

Denim has become a staple fashion item for Americans. Whether you’re a man, woman, young or old, you probably own at least one pair of jeans, if not several. According to a recent presentation made by Amir Akhtar, CEO of Arvind Lifestyle Fabrics, North America accounts for 39% of the global denim market, which is far more than any other region. The second biggest consumer of denim is Western Europe (20%), followed by Japan & Korea (10%), and the rest of the world (31%). This presentation attests to the time-honored American traditional of wearing denim.

Levi Strauss and The Gold Rush

Born February 26, 1829 in Buttenheim, Germany, Levi Strauss, is said to be the inventor of the blue jeans. The truthfulness of this statement, however, remains up for debate. What we do know about the iconic and influential founder of the renowned denim company Levi Strauss & Co. is that he started out selling clothes to hopeful prospectors during the California Gold Rush of 1848. The Strauss family moved out to west to open a dry goods store, which was an immediate hit among the locals and travelers alike. But the Strauss’ business took off when thousands of people from across the world began pouring in to California in hopes of finding gold. Levi and his family produced denim jeans, purses, combs, handkerchiefs and other dry goods which he sold to the prospectors during this time.

Jean-Gabriel Eynard Helped Coined The Term ‘Blue Jeans’

The term “blue jeans” has roots dating back more than two centuries. In the late 1700s, a Swiss banker named Jean-Gabriel Eynard traveled to Genoa, where he was entrusted with providing supplies to the Messena troops. Among other things, he cut up blue cloth to create make-shift uniforms for the soldiers, which Jean-Gabriel referred to as “”bleu de Genes.” I think it’s safe to say the term stuck, as denim pants are now known throughout the world as the derivative “blue jeans.”

It Takes a Lot of Water To Make Denim

It’s estimated that a standard pair of denim jeans requires approximately 900 gallons of water to produce. The denim fibers must be washed, re-washed, and re-re-washed several times to make it soft and pliable for use in jeans. Several companies, however, have begun to adapt new production techniques in an effort to reduce the amount of water required.

Dry vs Washed Denim: What’s The Difference?

While there are dozens of different styles of denim, they can all be broken down into one of two categories: dry (also known as raw) or washed. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, a jacket, or any other denim garment, you should familiarize yourself with these two types and their respective characteristics. Only then will you be able to decide which denim is right for you.

Dry Denim


Photo of dry denim jeans


The term “dry denim” refers to any jeans or garment comprised of unwashed denim. It’s not uncommon for companies to wash their denim to create a slightly worn-in look, which is preferable to many men and women. Dry denim, however, features a more even color and tone throughout the fabric. This makes it a popular choice for people who are looking to achieve a more formal attire.

It’s important to note that dry denim is still dyed to achieve its characteristic blue coloring. Just because a pair of jeans is labeled raw/dry doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s dye-free. Even dry denim must be dyed to create its distinct color.

We at MakeYourOwnJeans sell 2 types of Dry Denim.

1) Selvedge Denim Jeans

2) Raw Unwashed Jeans (Non Selvedge)

Washed Denim


Photo of washed denim jeans

On the other side of the fence is “washed denim,” which as the name suggests refers to any jeans or garment comprised of denim that’s been washed. Most denim garments are machine washed to make them softer, reduce shrinkage, and to create a more desirable look. When denim jeans are washed, it creates the artificially distressed appearance. This includes fading in areas such as the thighs, ankles, and knees.

The easiest way to identify washed denim is by looking for changes in the fabric’s color. If you notice variations in the color/tone of the fabric, then it’s probably washed denim. If the color is uniform throughout the fabric with no visible signs of fading or distress, then it’s probably dry denim.

Which One Should I Choose?

The truth is that both dry/raw and washed denim have their own unique advantages, so there’s no single best type. Rather than worrying about the type of denim, focus more on its visual appeal and overall quality. Whether it’s dry or washed, a good pair of premium jeans can last a lifetime. With that said, a pair of low-quality jeans may only last for a couple of washes before they begin to fall apart.

Which type of denim do you prefer? Raw or washed?

The Dirtier the Better- a tale of distressed denim

Distressed denim is surely the in-thing in contemporary fashion. For young folks and hard working professionals, distressed denim is a relief garment. One would not need to bother cleaning such heavyweight fabric from time to time. Now you all can tell your moms not to worry about your days, weeks and months old, dirty denim jeans. It is cool to flaunt a pair of distressed denim and such is in vogue.

Heard about the recent wild life conservation initiative conducted by the Kamine Zoo in Japan? The animals at the zoo chewed and distressed the fabric which was later sewn into jeans and sold for charity fund-raising. This is one noble initiative to give denim a new facelift. Just in case you are in Japan, visit the zoo to check this out and also, how denim can be a socially responsible person’s daily wear.

Distressed Denim

Distressed Denim

At MakeYourOwnJeans, we have a great range of chemically distressed denim jeans for you. It is extremely uptown and fashionable to be in distressed denim in a pair of alluring shoes and a simple tee. While summers may exhaust you physically, you may always stand against such heat in our custom-made distressed denim jeans. Just choose the fabric, choose your design, buttons, zippers, thread and send in your measurements and voila! You may be doing the same chores but the feel good of distressed denim will take away all monotony!

Fashion does not cost labels but confidence!



We believe in the principle difference between buying something and earning something. While it goes without saying that buying is the money paid for acquiring goods, earning is a thought deeper.

Leather dress

Leather dress

Only when you have really worked hard, that you are paid for your services and that becomes your hard earning. Things you acquire through your hard earned money are your earnings too. At MakeYourOwnJeans, when our customers invest their hard earned money in acquiring our range of denim and other wearable, we ensure that the feeling of owning them and wearing them, is equally or more than satisfying. Rest assured, when you are a MakeYourOwnJeans customer, you are privileged to receive and enjoy the best.

Check out from the range of our denim and leather pants, skirts and dresses. Pure denim is equal to a gemstone and at MakeYourOwnJeans we never compromise with its quality in anyway. Custom denim is a part of shopping menu at various online stores, but none will recommend them as much we do. We want you to enjoy confidence of wearing perfectly fitted clothing than a namesake label. Our range of custom-denim jeans, leather skirts and dresses are crafted for the discerning fashionistas.

This July, we have some amazing new stuff on display ranging from ties to back pocket embroideries and several other featured denim and leather wearable. Check them out and we are sure you cannot wait to place your order for with us. We are a reputed firm and regularly coach our tailors on latest fashion and trends to ensure you enjoy the latest!

The Rise and Fall of Denim


Denim has been in fashion since ages owing to its comfort and style statement. Rugged denim, hard washed denim, high and low rise denim and slouchy ripped denim jeans are always in vogue.


Denim has always been in the rise. Does it surprise you when I say ‘the fall of denim’? Well, it’s just a hyperbole. Denim with a fall or low rise denim jeans is the new thing to flaunt a great body. At MakeYourOwn Jeans, the low rise custom denim jeans range is in demand for quite a number of years. We believe it is particularly because anything renders confidence to one’s personality and it is always in the move.


Hollywood actors have a great flair for denim and they accessorize their look with high-end brands in bags, booties, junk jewelries etc. Each pair of denim that they go for, are exquisitely crafted and custom made for uniqueness. Custom denim jeans worn by Hollywood models and actors are certainly attractive to the eyes and equally taxing for the wallet. 

Here, MakeYourOwnJeans gives you the liberty to order custom jeans at an affordable price. You look unique in our boldly tailored denim couture at a reasonable pricing. It is easy for a tailor to stitch a pant and put it on sale but we have always walked the extra mile. We believe that a designing process is incomplete without the participation of a customer who has by means of buying our custom clothing, has invested her or his trust in our brand. Also, the joy of custom tailoring brings us a sense of accomplishment. Over the years, such satisfied customers have emboldened our crafting sense.


If you are in the lookout for a pair of high rise denim jeans or low rise denim jeans, remember we are here for you. We do have a collection of ready-made denim wear jeans, but we strongly recommend you to try our custom made denim jeans because you are unique and so should be your wear.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are the favorite outerwear of men and women both.  Denim jackets are not just winter-wear but a casual wear for all seasons. Men wear it for style and comfort while women wear them as a covering outerwear over their regular tops or even dresses. Denim jackets come in various colors and fits. They may be the regular denim blue or black or any other color and prints. Short denim jackets rule the hearts of ladies as they can be worn with almost any kind of clothing. Make Your Own Jeans provides the best quality jeans products custom-fit as per the measurements provided by the customers. With a team of experts, Make Your Own Jeans delivers the best tailored clothing.

Denim jackets come in regular fit always. They are never worn loose. The length varies however. The length can be too short or long. Long denim jackets can be worn with long pants and vests. They give a slim-effect to the appearance of those who have body weight issues. Long jackets can also be worn with shorts and gives a hood like effect. It adds a boyish charm to the appearance of girls. Denim jackets may be buttoned or zipped. It is a fashion statement to wear denim jackets unbuttoned or unzipped. It provides a more casual appearance.

Denim jackets are not just for teaming up with shorts, skirts and pants. They also look gorgeous with dresses. They are an odd combination for the perfect look. These days denim jackets in pop color is a huge trend. Celebrities have been spotted sporting this trend frequently at various events. You can also experiment with denim jackets and be a trendsetter.

Make Your Own Jeans provides you with custom-fit suits, jeans and leather clothing. Make most of the expert team at Make Your Own Jeans by sharing your measurement and specifications.





Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are the coolest way to beat the heat. One of the basic bottom-wear for summer, denim shorts are a favorite among women. They come in varying length and designs like any other regular denim bottom-wear. Be it a casual day-out or a weekend party, denim shorts makes you look like a rockstar at any occasion. The comfort provided by denim shorts makes it the ideal summer-wear. Denim is an absorbent fabric and keeps the body cool and comfortable. Make Your Own Jeans provides custom-made denim wear as per the measurement provided by the customers.

Denim pants can be styled in various ways depending on the style and comfort you want. Wear your shorts with a loose white over sized shirt and set yourself free for a day out. It helps you beat the heat and stay comfortable, no matter how hot it is outside. Denim shorts with a basic tee is the classic look you can sport. It makes you look chic and sporty at the same time. Wear sneakers to complete the look and you’re all ready for a walk or evening jog. For a party look, you can team your blue denim shorts with a sequined top in black, white or any pop colors. Team the look with gladiator footwear or high heels and you are all set to hit the dance floor.

Denim shorts come in various colors and patterns. They may be faded or solid colored. Some shorts also have printed designs or sequins and studs on them.  Some shorts come up to the knee while some are too short ending below the hips and above the thighs. Such pants are also called “hot pants”.

Make Your Own Jeans has a team of expert tailors who deliver customized denim wear as per the instructions of the wearer. Make Your Own Jeans caters to customers world wide!

Denim Shirts for Men

Denim is a form of cotton textile and thus, a comfortable wear in all seasons. Denim pants and shirts are equally in vogue for both men and women. Denim shirts are in fashion in United States since late 18th century. They just don’t seem to die out of fashion and are still in demand. Customers want well-fitted shirts that flatter their appearance and while wearing denim shirts, the fit is very important. Make Your Own Jeans provides custom-made shirts, pants and jackets made of jeans and leather. Customers just need to share the measurement and design details with the company to get their desired product.


Denim shirts look cool with almost any kind of bottom wear, though it is advisable not to wear them with formal pants. Wearing denim shirts with chinos or denim pants of a different color, is definitely going to make you look chilled out, Tucking in the shirts gives a polished look while if you choose to wear them without tucking in, it gives you a laid back look. Denim Shirts are mainly worn in casual occasion. You may wear it while hanging out with your friends, on a date or even at work on a Friday! Make Your Own Jeans provides you with many options to style your denim wear with various patchworks or add-ons.

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It is a misconception that denim shirts can be worn only when the weather gets chilly. Denim shirts is an all-weather-wear. Denim Shirts can however be worn as an outerwear too. Simply top it up on a regular basic tee, leaving it unbuttoned. Rolling up the sleeves adds a cool factor to your style statement. Make Your Own Jeans ensures perfect fit shirts and jeans for you to be the fashion icon with perfect taste.

Denim Skirts

Skirts made out of jeans fabric are called denim skirts. Just like every other kind of skirts, denim skirts also come in different colors, length and cuts. The trend started in the 1960s when the hippies came up with the idea of creating skirts out of old jeans pants.

Short denim skirts are a very popular trend among college-going girls. Some skirts are designed in the same fashion as the pants are. They have similar belt loops, front fly and zippers. Some skirts are of different fashion with closure of buttons at the front or back or sides. Maxi denim skirts often have slits. They may be thigh length or just calf length slits, depending on the choice of the wearer. Thigh length slits look glamorous and bold.

Printed denim skirts are rare but faded denim skirts are avid. They are faded in different patterns just like denim pants. Make Your Own Jeans provides tailoring services that helps wearers to customize the jeans and make it look the way they want it to. When it comes to short denim skirts, he ripped look is famous. They can be made out of ripped denim pants or can be purchased from any denim retail store.

Denim Skirts can be worn in various ways. Team them up with a plain white shirt and white heals for a very immaculate and professional look. They can be teamed with leather jackets and sneakers for a tomboyish appearance. Ripped short skirts can be worn with any basic tee or racer-back tops for a simple yet sexy appearance. Denim Pencil skirts with a black top is a classic combination and flatters all body types. Make Your Own Jeans provides varied customizing options including patchworks, faded patterns, embroidery works and cuts.