7 Awesome Colors for Denim Jeans

7 Awesome Colors for Denim Jeans

Not all jeans feature the same traditional light blue color. While light blue is arguably one of the most popular — if not, the most popular — colors in which denim jeans are made, you can find this classic garment available in dozens of other colors, including light and dark colors. If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe with a new pair of denim jeans, you need to choose the right color. Neglecting to choose a stylish, versatile color will only restrict your ability to wear them. To make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of seven awesome colors for denim jeans, which should set you in the right direction.

#1) Light Blue

Let’s go ahead and get the most common color out of the way: light blue. When jeans were first invented over a century, they were made almost entirely in a light blue color. It’s an attractive, simple color that looks great no matter how it’s worn. Of course, there are different shades of light blue in which jeans are made, so choose a shade to match your personal style and preference.

#2) Indigo

For a more formal appearance — though still casual — you can choose denim jeans in an indigo color. Indigo is technically a type of blue, but it’s significantly darker than traditional light blue colors. And because of its darker tone, indigo is considered more formal than its light blue counterpart, making indigo jeans an excellent choice for semi-formal occasions in which traditional light blue jeans are too casual yet a suit is too formal. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality pair of indigo jeans.

#3) Black

While not as popular as light blue or indigo, black is another color to consider when choosing a pair of denim jeans. It’s a simple, sleek color that matches mode other garments. Regardless of what shirt or top you intend to wear, it will probably match a pair of black jeans. As a side benefit, black jeans also naturally conceal stains. They can still develop stains, but stains aren’t as noticeable in black jeans than jeans in other colors because of their exceptionally dark tone. Because of this, many people who work in laborious jobs choose black jeans to wear instead of jeans in other, lighter colors.

#4) White

You can even find high-quality jeans available in white. White jeans are particularly popular among women, as they have a slimming effect when worn. With that said, men can take advantage of the slimming effect of white jeans as well. It’s a fun and stylish alternative to traditional colors like light blue and indigo. The only downside to wearing white denim jeans is that they tend to show stains more easily than other colors. If you’re going to invest in a pair of white jeans, be prepared to wash and clean them more frequently. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to carry some stain-removing wipes in your pocket just in case your white jeans get dirty. Whether you spill your coffee or get mud on your white jeans, you can easily clean them using a stain-removing wipe.

#5) Yellow

While it’s probably not your first choice when choosing a color for denim jeans, you shouldn’t overlook yellow. As you may know, yellow is commonly associated with the spring and summer seasons. When flowers and plants begin to blossom, they often paint the surrounding landscape with bright colors, including yellow. By wearing yellow denim jeans, you’ll create a fun spring or simmer attire that’s lively and energetic. Like white jeans, however, yellow jeans have a tendency to show stains more easily than other, darker colors.

#6) Red

For a truly eye-catching appearance, consider purchasing a pair of red denim jeans. Red jeans are uniquely bold, adding a flair to your outfit that’s simply not found in other colors. You can dress them up or dress them down with relatively ease. And because of their bright appearance, red jeans are naturally eye-catching.

If you’re going to purchase a pair of red jeans, though, it’s recommended you wash with either vinegar or a color-protectant laundry product at least once a week. All jeans will fade over time when washed, but red jeans are more susceptible to fading because of their bright tone. You can minimize fading with your red jeans, however, by washing them with either vinegar or a color-protectant laundry product at least once a week.

#7) Green

Even though Saint Patrick’s Day is long gone, you can still sport a pair of green denim jeans. Green is a balanced color that’s not too light nor too dark. As a result, you can wear green denim jeans for a variety occasions and with a variety of other colors. Green denim jeans are versatile, stylish and easy to wear.

Tips on Choosing the Right Color

Still not sure which color jeans to choose? Check out the following tips:

  • Go through your wardrobe to see what other colors you typically wear.
  • Choose a seasonally appropriate color.
  • Consider whether the color of your jeans will conceal or reveal stains.
  • For a truly one-of-a-kind style, consider two-tone jeans featuring not one but two different colors.
  • If you’re worried your jeans will fade, choose washed denim instead of raw.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just one pair of jeans in one color. Diversify your wardrobe by investing in multiple jeans in different colors. Doing so will give you the freedom to create more complex and visually attractive outfits.

Regardless of which color you choose, avoid wearing a shirt or top in the same color as your denim jeans. If you’re going to wear black jeans, for example, don’t wear a black shirt or sweater. Instead, choose a shirt or top in a color that contrasts with the color of your jeans. Using the same example previously mentioned, you can wear a white shirt or sweater with a pair of black denim jeans, as white naturally contrasts with black.

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