7 Benefits of Choosing White Jeans

7 Benefits of Choosing White Jeans

Blue isn’t the only color in which jeans are made. You can find jeans in white as well. White jeans are still made of denim, the only difference is that they are dyed white rather than blue. With that said, choosing white jeans offers several benefits, some of which may surprise you.

#1) Less Fading

White jeans are less susceptible to fading than blue and other dark-colored jeans. Fading occurs when the dye is released out of a garment’s fabric. All jeans contain dye. If the dye is released, the garment will fade to a lighter tone.

Fortunately, white jeans offer a high level of protection against fading. They still contain dye, but they don’t suffer from the same degree of fading as other jeans. Jeans are made of denim. Denim, of course, is a type of cotton fabric. Since cotton is naturally white, white jeans typically don’t fade as much as other jeans.

#2) Mix Up Your Outfits

Choosing white jeans will allow you to mix up your outfits. If you only own blue jeans, you may struggle to wear certain outfits. Not all colors match blue. While blue is a relatively universal color, some colors — such as brown — clash with it.

You can still buy and wear jeans in other colors, but don’t overlook the benefits of white jeans. With white jeans, you can mix up your outfits. White compliments all other colors. There are no colors on the color wheel that clash with white. Therefore, you can wear white jeans with all of your outfits.

Only wearing blue jeans is a mistake. There’s nothing wrong with blue jeans, but if you wear them seven days a week, you’ll have fewer options regarding your outfits. To mix up your outfits, you need to wear a combination of jeans in different colors, such as white.

#3) Available in Stretch Denim

There are white jeans available in stretch denim. Stretch denim is a hybrid fabric consisting of cotton and an elastic material. It differs from regular denim by featuring an elastic material. Some types of stretch denim contain lycra. Other types of stretch denim contain polyester. Regardless, they all contain at least a small amount of an elastic material that’s mixed with plain denim.

You can buy white jeans made of stretch denim. The Stretch White Jeans sold here at MakeYourOwnJeans, for example, are made of stretch denim consisting of 98% denim and 2% lycra. With their all-white appearance, they offer a fresh alternative to traditional blue and other dark-colored jeans.

Here are some of the reasons to consider stretch denim when choosing white jeans:

  • Contouring fit that hugs your body
  • Stretches when you move your legs
  • More forgiving in the waistline
  • Softer texture than traditional denim
  • Available in many colors, including white
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Highly versatile

#4) Stay Cool and Comfortable

Like all white garments, white jeans can help you stay cool and comfortable. The color of a garment will affect how much heat it absorbs. White garments have a naturally reflective surface. When you wear white jeans outdoors, sunlight will reflect off of them. As a result, white jeans don’t absorb much heat. They have the opposite effect by reflecting heat, thereby keeping you cool and comfortable.

If you wear dark-colored jeans, on the other hand, you may find yourself getting hot. Dark-colored jeans don’t reflect sunlight; they absorb it. During the winter, this may not be a concern. When wearing jeans during the spring or summer, though, you may want to choose white so that they’ll reflect the sunlight.

#5) Enhance Your Footwear

White jeans can enhance your footwear. Whether you’re wearing athletic shoes, sandals, high heels or boots, white jeans will make them stand out. Your footwear will become more visible, allowing you to achieve a more stylish and attention-grabbing appearance.

Of course, the color of your footwear is important when wearing white jeans. White jeans do, in fact, match all colors, but they’ll offer the greatest benefit when worn with dark-colored footwear. White jeans will contrast with dark-colored footwear. As a result, you can focus the attention of your outfit on your footwear.

Here are some tips on choosing the right footwear for white jeans:

  • Choose footwear in a dark color that contrasts with white.
  • Make sure your footwear is visible and isn’t concealed by your jeans.
  • When wearing boots, choose white jeans that will fit over them.

#6) Flattering Figure

Regardless of color, any pair of custom-sized and high-quality jeans can offer a flattering figure. With that said, white jeans excel in their ability to create a flattering figure. They make you look slimmer while enhancing your body’s natural figure.

White jeans have a slimming appearance. You can find them in different cuts, some of which sit closer to your body when worn than others. Skinny jeans, for instance, sit very close to your body, whereas relaxed jeans sit farther away from your body. No matter the fit, though, all white jeans create the illusion of a slimmer and narrower body.

#7) Easy to Remove Stains

White jeans aren’t immune to stains. If you spill something on them, they may develop a stain. The good news is that you typically remove stains off white jeans more easily than dark-colored jeans. If you notice a stain, you can clean your white jeans in the washing machine. Since white jeans are protected from fading, they are safe to wash in hot water. Hot water will remove most minor stains without fading them.

For stubborn stains, you can clean your white jeans with bleach. Unlike dark-colored jean, white jeans can be safely bleached. It won’t cause them to fade, nor will otherwise damage it. Assuming you use the right technique, you can bleach your white jeans to remove nearly all stains without damaging them. Just follow the instructions on your washing machine by adding the correct amount of bleach to the correct compartment.

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