7 Facts About Stretch Jeans

7 Facts About Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans are a popular choice of trousers among men and women alike. Like all jeans, they are made of denim. Stretch jeans, however, live up to their namesake by featuring a more elastic construction than their counterparts. You can pull and stretch them without causing damage. While you may have seen or even worn a pair of stretch jeans in the past, there are probably some things you don’t know about them. Below are seven fun facts about stretch jeans.

#1) Look Like Ordinary Jeans

From an outsider’s perspective, stretch jeans look like ordinary jeans. You can find them in the same colors, and you can find them in the same styles as ordinary jeans. Blue is a popular color in which both types of jeans are made. You can find ordinary jeans and stretch jeans in blue-dyed denim, including light blue and indigo. You can also find both types of jeans in popular cuts like boot cut, skinny and straight leg.

The difference between stretch jeans and ordinary jeans doesn’t lie in their appearance. Rather, it lies in their construction. Ordinary jeans are made exclusively of denim, whereas stretch jeans are made of denim an elastic material.

#2) 15% More Elastic On Average

Stretch jeans are about 15% more elastic than ordinary jeans on average. By itself, denim isn’t elastic. It’s a rigid material that’s comprised of cotton. Denim is still soft, but it offers little or no elasticity when used alone. Adding just a small amount of an elastic material to denim, though, changes its physical properties.

The combination of denim and an elastic material creates a more elastic material, which is known as stretch denim. All stretch jeans are made of stretch denim. Stretch denim is about 15% more elastic than pure denim.

#3) Supports Different Materials

All stretch jeans are made of two materials: denim and an elastic material. With that said, the specific type of elastic material used in their construction may vary. Some of them are made of polyester. Polyester is a synthetic material that’s naturally elastic. It’s commonly used in both stretch jeans and athletic wear because of its elastic properties.

Along with polyester, lycra is used in stretch jeans. Lycra is a synthetic material with similar elastic properties as polyester. Adding just a small amount of polyester or lycra to denim can result in up to 15% greater elasticity. The bottom line is that denim jeans support different materials. They are all made of denim, but stretch jeans may contain different types of elastic materials.

#4) Semi-Stretch and Full-Stretch Available

When shopping for stretch jeans, you may discover that some of them are labeled as “semi-stretch” and others are labeled are “full stretch.” What’s the difference between semi-stretch and full-stretch jeans exactly?

Semi-stretch jeans are exactly what they sound like: They are jeans that can partially but not completely stretch. Full-stretch jeans, on the other hand, are jeans with a greater elasticity rating. They both contain an elastic material. Semi-stretch jeans are simply comprised of more denim and less elastic material than their full-stretch counterparts. A typical pair of semi-stretch jeans has about 0.5% to 1% of an elastic material in their construction. A typical pair of full-stretch jeans has about 1.5% to 3% of an elastic material in their construction.

#5) Superior Level of Comfort

Most people will agree that stretch jeans offer a superior level of comfort. Whether semi-stretch or full-stretch, you won’t have to worry about stretch jeans constricting your body when worn. As previously mentioned, they are about 15% more elastic than ordinary jeans, which allows them to stretch and bend with your body.

You can wear stretch jeans in casual outfits. Many people wear stretch jeans with t-shirts or button-up shirts. After all, they look like ordinary jeans. However, you can also wear stretch jeans in athletic outfits. Some people wear stretch jeans when jogging or performing other physical activities. With their elastic properties, stretch jeans are comfortable to wear for physical activities. They won’t dig into your lower body, nor will they constrict your body. Stretch jeans are elastic, so they’ll provide a superior level of comfort when worn.

#6) Easy to Clean

Contrary to popular belief, stretch jeans don’t require dry cleaning. While you can get them dry-cleaned, stretch jeans can be washed just like ordinary jeans.

It’s recommended that you hand-wash stretch jeans. Hand-washing involves soaking the stretch jeans in soapy water for a short period, followed by hanging them on a line to dry. Machine-washing is taxing on all types of jeans — and stretch jeans are no exception. You can still machine-wash stretch jeans, but hand-washing them will result in less wear and tear. Either way, you don’t have to get stretch jeans dry-cleaned. You can wash them at home.

#7) Custom Sizes Available

Stretch jeans are available in custom sizes. Custom-sized stretch jeans are those that are designed using your own body measurements. You can order them here at MakeYourOwnJeans. We offer both ordinary jeans and stretch jeans in custom sizes. When you order a pair of custom-sized stretch jeans, you’ll have to include your body measurements. We’ll use these measurements to create a pair of stretch jeans that are designed specifically for your body.

It’s frustrating when you buy a new pair of jeans, only to discover that they don’t fit. Most jeans can last for many years when properly maintained. Some people, in fact, wear the same jeans for five or more years. To take full advantage of a new pair of stretch jeans, though, you need to get the right size. With custom-sized stretch jeans, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll fit perfectly.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to restrict your outfits to ordinary jeans. While ordinary jeans are undoubtedly versatile, you may want to include stretch jeans in your outfits as well. Stretch jeans look like ordinary jeans, but they are made of stretch denim. Stretch denim is essentially a hybrid material that consists of regular denim and an elastic material.

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