7 Fun Facts About Stretch Jeans

7 Fun Facts About Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans have become increasingly popular in recent years. Like all jeans, they consist of denim trousers. You can wear stretch jeans in most casual outfits while projecting a fashionable appearance. Stretch jeans, however, are different from other jeans. They are made of a special type of denim that contains a combination of both cotton and an elastic fabric. This post reveals seven fun facts about stretch jeans, some of which may surprise you.

#1) 15% More Elastic Than Standard Jeans

While the elastic properties of stretch jeans vary depending on the type, as well as how they are constructed, most of them are about 15% more elastic than standard jeans. Standard jeans have little or no elasticity. As you may know, standard jeans are made entirely of denim. Denim doesn’t have elastic properties, so standard jeans aren’t very elastic. Stretch jeans offer a solution. They are about 15% more elastic than standard jeans because they contain an elastic fabric.

#2) Available in Different Elastic Fabrics

You can find stretch jeans available in different elastic fabrics. All stretch jeans are made of stretch denim. Their use of stretch denim, of course, is what distinguishes them from standard jeans. Nonetheless, some stretch jeans are made with a different type of stretch denim than others. Some of them are made of denim and polyester, whereas others are made of denim and lycra.

All of these elastic fabrics are stretchy, but they have nuances that can affect their performance. Lycra is arguably the best all-around elastic fabric for stretch jeans because of its superior strength, elasticity and overall versatility.

#3) Softer Texture

Stretch jeans typically have a softer texture than standard jeans. All jeans are at least somewhat soft. After all, they are made of denim. Standard jeans are simply made entirely of denim, whereas stretch jeans are made of denim and an elastic fabric. And because denim consists of cotton, jeans are naturally soft.

With that said, stretch jeans typically have a softer texture than standard jeans. If you run your hands across a pair of stretch jeans, you’ll notice that they have a soft and supple texture. These properties make them incredibly comfortable to wear. You can wear a pair of stretch jeans all day long without fear of them cutting into your sides or otherwise causing discomfort. Stretch jeans are ultra-comfortable to wear thanks to their soft and supple texture.

#4) Invented in the 1970s

While jeans have been around for over a century, stretch jeans didn’t emerge until the 1970s. It’s believed that English fashion designer Peter Golding invented the first pair of stretch jeans in the late 1970s.

While working at his apparel store in England, Golding used denim and an elastic fabric to construct a pair of stretch jeans. They were an instant hit among his store’s customers, thus paving the way for stretch jeans. It wasn’t long until other stores — in England and other countries — began producing and selling stretch jeans. Today, stretch jeans continue to rank as one of the most popular types of trousers worn by both men and women alike.

#5) Washed Stretch Denim Available

There are jeans made of washed stretch denim. What is washed stretch denim exactly? It consists of the same combination of regular denim and an elastic fabric that’s used in other stretch jeans. The only difference is that washed stretch denim is literally washed during production.

Some jeans are made of dry denim, whereas others are made of washed denim. This applies to both standard denim and an elastic denim. Dry denim is simply denim that isn’t washed during production. In comparison, washed denim is denim that is washed during production. Washed stretch denim is submerged in water, which allows it to shrink just slightly while also releasing any excess dye. The end result is a pair of stretch jeans that better protected against future instances of both shrinking and fading.

#6) Easy to Maintain

You might be surprised to learn that stretch jeans are easy to maintain. You don’t have to get them dry cleaned, nor do you have to follow any other special steps. to clean them. You can clean your stretch jeans by tossing them in the washing machine with similar-colored garments and fashion accessories.

Of course, it’s a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when cleaning and maintaining your stretch jeans. Most manufacturers will include a label on their respective stretch jeans that reveals the best way to clean and maintain them. Known as the care label or care tag, you should refer to it for more information on how to clean and maintain your stretch jeans.

Some stretch jeans should only be washed in cold water, for instance. Washing them in hot water may not cause any immediate harm, but heat can wear down stretch denim more quickly. If you discover that the care tag says “cold water only,” don’t wash your stretch jeans in hot water. Instead, wash them in cold water. They’ll last longer if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as listed on the care tag.

Here are some other tips to make your stretch jeans last:

  • Choose stretch jeans made of premium, high-quality stretch denim.
  • Turn them inside out when washing and drying them.
  • Spot-clean stains in a timely manner.
  • Wash using liquid detergent and powder detergent.

#7) Custom Sizing

When shopping for a new pair of stretch jeans, you should consider choosing a custom sizing. Custom sizing is an optional feature offered by select stores, including MakeYourOwnJeans. With custom sizing, you aren’t restricted to choosing stretch jeans in traditional waist and length measurements. Rather, you can provide your own body measurements.

If you order a pair of custom-sized stretch jeans from MakeYourOwnJeans, you can rest assured knowing that they won’t be too big or too small. We offer a variety of high-quality jeans with custom sizing at no additional charge. You can order standard jeans in a custom size or stretch jeans in a custom size.

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