7 Things You Didn’t Know About Denim Skirts

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Denim Skirts

Denim has become synonymous with jeans. Consisting of a durable warp-faced cotton in which the weft goes under two or more warp threads, it’s been used to make jeans for over a century. All jeans, of course, are made of denim. A denim construction is what distinguishes jeans from other types of trousers. But didn’t isn’t limited to jeans. It’s used to make other garments, including skirts. Denim skirts have become a popular alternative to traditional skirts. While you may have seen or even worn a denim skirt before, there are probably some things you don’t know about them.

#1) Available With the Same Pockets as Jeans

Denim skirts are available with the same pockets as jeans. As you may know, jeans have pockets. They typically have two standard-size pockets on the front, another two standard-size pockets on the back and two smaller “watch” pockets within the front pockets.

The smaller pockets are known as watch pockets because they were originally designed for pocket watches. Pocket watches have since been replaced with wristwatches and smartphones. Nonetheless, many manufacturers continue to use them in their jeans. Denim skirts are available with the same pockets as jeans, so you can expect to find four standard-size pockets and two watch pockets.

#2) Plain vs Stretch Denim

All denim skirts are made of denim. With that said, some of them are made of plain denim, whereas others are made of stretch denim. If you’re going to buy a denim skirt, you’ll need to decide which type of denim is right for you.

Plain denim is 100% cotton. It features the weft going under at least two warp threads, but it consists entirely of cotton. Stretch denim is not 100% cotton. It consists mostly of cotton, but it’s mixed with an elastic fabric, such as lycra. Skirts made of stretch denim are more elastic than their plain denim counterparts. If you prefer an elastic construction, you should choose a stretch denim skirt. If you prefer the look and feel of plain denim, on the other hand, you may want to avoid a stretch denim skirt.

#3) Resistant to Shrinking

You don’t have to worry about your denim skirt shrinking. Assuming you buy a pre-washed denim skirt, it shouldn’t shrink when washed and dried. Pre-washed means that the manufacturer washed the denim skirt during production.

Some denim skirts are pre-washed, whereas other denim skirts are not. If a denim skirt hasn’t been pre-washed, it may be susceptible to shrinking. Exposure to hot water, for instance, may shrink it. After washing it in hot water multiple times, it may shrink to a smaller size. Depending on how much it shrinks, you may struggle to wear it. This isn’t a concern with pre-washed denim skirts. Pre-washed denim skirts have already been exposed to hot water, so they are naturally resistant to shrinking.

#4) Easy to Maintain

Maintaining denim skirts is a breeze. They typically require the same steps to maintain as jeans. After all, denim skirts are made of the same denim fabric as jeans.

You can clean denim skirts in the washing machine. Hand washing isn’t necessary. If your denim skirt gets dirty, just toss it in the washing machine with the cold water setting. You can even wash it with other denim garments, such as jeans. To dry your denim skirt, you can toss it in a tumble dryer or hang it on a line.

Denim skirts really don’t require any other maintenance. Like most jeans, they are resistant to wrinkles. And if your denim skirt does, in fact, develop wrinkles, you can press it with a steam iron.

#5) Long-Lasting

Denim skirts are long-lasting. They don’t wear out as quickly as other types of skirts or garments. With their denim construction, denim skirts can last for many years when properly maintained.

All denim skirts, of course, are made of denim. And denim is known for its strong and durable properties. You don’t have to worry about it unraveling, nor do you have to worry about denim ripping or snagging. It’s a strong and durable fabric that will offer countless years of use. You can find denim skirts in different types of denim, such as plain denim and stretch denim. Regardless, they are all made of denim, so all denim skirts will last for a very long time when properly maintained.

#6) Supports Pocket Lining

If you order your denim skirt from MakeYourOwnJeans, you can choose pocket lining for it. Pocket lining consists of an added layer of fabric that’s sewn into the pockets.

Some of the different types of pocket lining offered here at MakeYourOwnJeans include cotton zurura, navy herringbone, ivy herringbone, cotton argosi, cotton ocadia and more. When ordering a denim skirt, you can choose from one of these pocket lining options. You won’t be able to see the pocket lining from afar. The pocket lining will simply be sewn into the pockets of your denim skirt.

#7) Enzyme Washed

You may discover that some denim skirts are enzyme washed. Enzyme washed is common with many denim garments, including jeans and denim skirts. What is enzyme washed exactly?

Enzyme washed refers to a production process in which a given fabric, such as denim, is bathed in an enzyme solution. The enzyme solution is designed to break down the fabric on a molecular level so that it becomes softer. When exposed to the enzyme solution, the molecules within denim will break down. Enzyme-washed denim is still strong, but it’s softer and suppler than traditional denim.

Some denim skirts are enzyme washed, in which case they typically feel softer than their counterparts that aren’t enzyme washed. Enzyme washed denim is exposed to an enzyme solution. The enzyme solution will break down the cellulose within the denim to achive a superior level of softness. If you’re looking for a super-soft denim skirt, you should choose enzyme-washed denim.

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