8 Reasons to Choose Knee Joint Jeans

8 Reasons to Choose Knee Joint Jeans

Jeans are available in dozens of styles. While you might be familiar with traditional styles like boot cut, straight leg and low rise, there are probably other styles that you’ve never heard of. Knee joint, for instance, is a lesser-known style. Knee joint jeans are still made of denim, but they feature a joint at each knee section.

Traditional jeans, of course, don’t feature any joints. They are typically made of a single piece of denim. Knee joint jeans are made of this same type of denim, but they are characterized by the presence of knee joints. Each knee has a joint consisting of two pieces of denim that have been sewn together. Why should you choose knee joint jeans exactly?

#1) Less Wear and Tear Around the Knees

Knee joint jeans will typically experience less wear and tear around the knees. Over time, the knee section on jeans will often degrade. It may initially fade, after which it may fray while becoming distressed.

Knee joint jeans are better protected against wear and tear such as this. They have a joint at each knee section. These joints help to relax the knee section so that it doesn’t succumb to premature wear and tear. If you’re tired of buying new jeans, only for the knee section to quickly wear down, you may want to choose knee joint jeans.

#2) Increased Flexibility

Thanks to their knee joints, they are more flexible as well. They are similar to pleated pants in this regard. Both knee joint jeans and pleated pants are flexible. Pleated pants have pleats running down the front of them, whereas knee joint jeans have a joint at each knee section.

Joints provide flexibility. All knee joint jeans have joints at the knees. Therefore, they are more flexible than traditional jeans. When you bend your legs, the knees will flex. Other types of jeans offer little or no flexibility at the knees because they don’t have joints.

#3) Comfortable to Wear

There’s no denying the fact that knee joint jeans are comfortable to wear. They are made of denim, which is recognized for its soft yet durable properties. More importantly perhaps, knee joint jeans have a joint at each knee.

If you’re planning to do a lot of walking or other physical activities, you may want to choose knee joint jeans. Knee joint jeans are comfortable to wear when performing physical activities. With their knee joints, they won’t restrict your ability to move. Rather, knee joint jeans will allow you to walk and bend your legs with the utmost level of freedom.

#4) Enzyme Washed

You can find knee joint jeans available in enzyme-washed styles. Enzyme washed means they were bathed in an enzyme solution during production. The purpose of this enzyme solution is to help break down the denim so that it’s softer.

Enzyme-washed knee joint jeans are super soft. They have a suppler, smoother texture that many people prefer. During the enzyme bathing process, they become softer. The enzyme solution helps to create softer jeans. Regardless, knee joint jeans are available in enzyme-washed styles that are softer than most other types of jeans

#5) Unique Appearance

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should choose knee joint jeans. Most types of jeans have a similar appearance. They feature a traditional denim construction in either a light blue or indigo color. Knee joint jeans are still made of denim — and you can find them in light blue and indigo colors — but they are distinguished from other jeans by their use of a joint at each knee section.

All knee joint jeans have a visible joint at each knee section. These joints consist of multiple pieces of denim that are sewn together. In addition to providing flexibility, the knee joints create a unique appearance. You can still wear traditional jeans in your outfits. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, perhaps you should include knee joint jeans in some of your outfits.

#6) Deep Pockets

For deep pockets, look no further than the knee joint jeans sold here at MakeYourOwnJeans. Our signature knee joint jeans feature extra-deep pockets.

Deep pockets, of course, are convenient. You can use them to store and carry small items. From car keys and cash to mobile devices, lip balm and more, you can rest assured knowing these small items will fit in your knee joint jeans. Other jeans have pockets as well, but most of them have smaller pockets than those on the knee joint jeans.

#7) Lasts a Long Time

Another reason to choose knee joint jeans is longevity. They will last a long time — all while providing you with a high level of comfort and aesthetics. All garments can wear down over time. While jeans are durable, they too can wear down. But knee joint jeans are considered more durable than most other types of jeans, which can extend their lifespan.

For long-lasting jeans, you may want to choose knee joint jeans. They have a joint at each knee section. As previously mentioned, these knee joints increase flexibility while simultaneously protecting the knees from wear and tear. The end result is a longer lifespan. Knee joint jeans will oftentimes last longer than other types of jeans.

#8) Low Maintenance

Knee joint jeans are low maintenance. They are machine-washable. When they are dirty, you can clean knee joint jeans in the washing machine. It’s recommended that you check the care tag beforehand, but nearly all knee joint jeans are machine-washable. They won’t damage or degrade when cleaned in the washing machine.

You shouldn’t need to iron knee joint jeans. All jeans are wrinkle resistant. With that said, knee joint jeans are more wrinkle resistant than traditional jeans. The knee joints allow them to flex. And by flexing, the denim fabric is less likely to develop wrinkles. If you’re tired of constantly ironing your jeans, perhaps it’s time to invest in a pair of knee joint jeans.

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