8 Signs of High-Quality Denim Jeans

8 Signs of High-Quality Denim Jeans

Are you’re looking to buy a new pair of jeans, you should pay attention to quality. As with most garments, not all jeans are high quality. Some, unfortunately, feature a low-quality construction that makes them susceptible to wear and degradation. The low price tag of these cheap jeans may sound alluring, but you’ll end up paying more in the long run when you’re forced to repair or replace them. To determine if a pair of jeans features a high-quality construction, look for the following eight signs.

#1) Secure Buttons

The buttons on a pair of jeans should be secure and solid. If they are loose, there’s a good chance that they were poorly designed, in which case the button or buttons may fall off. You can always sew missing buttons back onto your jeans, but it’s better to avoid this headache by choosing a pair of high-quality jeans. Whether the jeans have a single button on the fly or entire row of buttons, all the buttons should be secure. If you’re shopping for jeans in person, try wiggling the buttons to see if they move.

#2) Uniform Stitching

You should also look at the stitching when shopping for a pair of jeans. High-quality jeans feature uniform, even stitching in which the thread follows a specific pattern. Some manufacturers create rows with the thread, while others use a zig-zag pattern. Regardless, the stitching on jeans should follow a consistent and uniform pattern. If there’s no sense of uniformity to the stitching, you should consider purchasing a different, higher quality pair of jeans.

#3) No Exposed, Loose Thread

Jeans, like most garments, shouldn’t feature any exposed, loose thread. All the stitching should feature closed ends where there’s no visible thread protruding from the denim. If you discover any exposed, loose thread, you’re probably looking at a pair of low-quality jeans. And unless you’re willing to make the gamble that they’ll last (hint: you shouldn’t), save your money and choose a different pair instead. So, check the stitching when shopping for a new pair of jeans to see if the thread is protruding. Clean stitching with no exposed or loose thread is a telltale sign of high-quality jeans.

#4) No Stains

Of course, high-quality jeans aren’t sold with stains. Manufacturers of high-quality jeans go to great extremes to ensure that their neither their denim used in their jeans construction nor the finished product contain stains. In comparison, manufacturers of low-quality jeans often sell products that are stained simply because they are trying to make a quick buck. You might be able to remove denim stains by washing them with vinegar. But this is an instance in which it’s best to avoid the problem altogether by choosing a pair of high-quality jeans. High-quality jeans don’t have to necessarily feature a uniform color — some are designed specifically to achieve a faded look — but they shouldn’t feature any unintentional stains.


#5) The Right Fit

A pair of high-quality denim jeans should fit your body without being too loose or too tight. Unfortunately, many manufacturers take the easy route by creating jeans in generic, basic sizes. In a perfect world, you can choose a pair of jeans with a specific width and length measurement. The problem with this method, however, is that no two people have the exact same body shape. Because we are all different, you should consider ordering a pair of custom-fitted jeans. Available here at MakeYourOwnJeans, we offer high-quality jeans with custom sizing. You give us your measurements, and we’ll design a pair of high-quality jeans designed just for you.

#6) Premium Denim

You can tell a lot about the quality of a pair of jeans by looking at the denim used to its construction. There are different types of denim, each of which has its own characteristics. Selvedge denim, for example, is often considered the highest quality because of its unique appearance and attention to detail. Jeans made of selvedge denim feature an almost two-tone appearance as the bottom section of each leg is wrapped and sewn into itself. It’s a subtle element that many men and women prefer in their jeans. With that said, there are plenty of high-quality jeans that feature traditional denim, but they usually feature a premium, higher quality type of denim than those manufactured by fly-by-night companies.

#7) Strong and Durable Denim

When shopping for a pair of jeans, check the strength and durability of its denim. One of the great things about jeans is that they are naturally strong and resistant to damage. In fact, they were originally invented more than a century ago for gold prospectors and other hardworking individuals. Part of the reason for their unparalleled strength and durability lies in their denim construction. Denim is stronger than most other textiles, including silk, cotton and wool. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that they won’t succumb to damage while you are wearing them — but only if you choose a pair of high-quality jeans. Feel the denim fabric to ensure that it’s strong and somewhat thick. If it feels loose, weak or otherwise cheap, they are probably low-quality jeans and, thus, should be avoided.

#8) High-Quality Buttons and/or Zipper

Finally, check the quality of the buttons and/or zipper used on the jeans. Premium manufacturers use high-quality buttons and zippers in their jeans. They don’t attempt to save a couple bucks by using plastic buttons or cheap aluminum zippers. Rather, they use premium-grade materials that last longer and look better.

Like most garments, you can expect to pay more for a pair of high-quality denim jeans. It takes companies more labor, resources and money to manufacture high-quality jeans than low-quality jeans. As a result, they naturally cost more. But most people who own high-quality jeans will agree that it’s a smart investment of your money. Just remember to refer to the eight signs listed here to determine if a pair of jeans features a high-quality construction.

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