Are Black Jeans Coming Back in Style?

Are Black Jeans Coming Back in Style?

How many pairs of black jeans do you own? It’s no secret that jeans are the world’s most popular type of pants. Worn by millions of men, women and children on a daily basis, they’ve become the de-facto standard for pants. And while most jeans feature the garment’s characteristic light blue or indigo blue color, you can find them in countless other colors, including black. So, are black jeans coming back in style, and should you include them in your wardrobe?

Black Jeans Are Versatile

One of the benefits of choosing black jeans is the sheer versatility of this color. Black is easy to match with other colors, including both dark and light colors. In fact, very few colors clash with black. Regardless of what shirt or top you wear, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of black jeans. Black offers an unparalleled level of versatility, allowing you to dress them up or dress them down.

Black Jeans Are Resistant to Fading

Another benefit of choosing black jeans over other colors is the simple fact that they are resistant to fading. When washed and dries a dozen or so times, you may discover your jeans fading. Each time you wash them, some of the color-causing compounds leach from the denim fabric, thereby making them lighter. No material or color is completely resistant to fading. However, you’ll experience less fading with black jeans compared to jeans or garments featuring other colors. And if you’re still worried about your black jeans fading, wash them with 1 cup of distilled white vinegar. Vinegar acts as a color protectant, preserving and protecting the denim’s black dye.

Black Jeans Are Different

Of course, black jeans are also different than most jeans worn by people. The majority of men and women prefer the traditional color of light blue or indigo jeans. While there’s nothing wrong with these traditional colors — they are great choices — you can differentiate yourself from the crowd by wearing black jeans. Wearing black jeans allows you to create a unique style that’s not necessarily “mainstream.” If you’re a fashion-forward individual who likes to create a unique unique, perhaps black jeans are for you. On the other hand, if you want to follow the crowd, consider traditional colors for your jeans and garments.

Black Jeans Conceal Stains and Dirt

Not surprisingly, black jeans are more effective at concealing stains and dirt than jeans featuring other colors. This is why many businesses require their workers to wear black-colored clothes. If they get dirty, the black color naturally hides the stain or dirt. Your black jeans can still get dirty, however; it’s just that the black color conceals stains and dirt more effective than other colors. If your black jeans become visibly dirty, you can clean them just like any other pair of jeans. Washing them in cold water with a high-quality laundry detergent should return them to their original, clean appearance. In the event that you don’t have access to a washing machine, you can spot clean your black jeans using a washcloth and laundry detergent.


Black Jeans Are Durable

All jeans are strong and durable, and black jeans are no exception. They are typically made of 100% denim, unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, offering the perfect balance of comfort and strength. Denim is one of the strongest textiles on the planet, as it’s able to withstand significant force and pressure without breaking. This makes it an excellent choice of fabric for use in jeans and other garments. Whether your jeans are black, blue or any other color, you don’t have to worry about them breaking, ripping or succumbing to other forms of damage. As long as you clean and care for them, they should offer you countless years of use and enjoyment.

Black Jeans Are Semi-Formal

I wouldn’t say that black jeans are formal, but they are certainly more formal than jeans featuring other colors. Most fashion experts will agree that black is the most formal color. This is why it’s men typically wear black suits to formal events and activities. You can achieve a semi-formal appearance by sporting a pair of black jeans. Even without a suit, you can still dress up an outfit with black jeans by wearing them in conjunction with a button-up, long-sleeve shirt. Just remember to tuck in the bottom of your shirt. Otherwise, it will look too casual.

Black Jeans Are Inexpensive

If you’re on a budget, you’ll be pleased to hear that black jeans are inexpensive. You can typically buy them for the same price as traditional blue-colored jeans. Of course, the exact price of a pair of black jeans varies depending on the manufacturer, vendor, brand and other factors. Nonetheless, prices are typically the same or roughly the same as traditional colors. And since they last for decades, black jeans are a smart financial investment for any fashion-conscious individual. Choose the right style and type to get maximum value out of your black jeans.

Black Jeans Are Timeless

Finally, black jeans offer a timeless style. They’ve been around for several decades, and even today they remain a popular choice among men, women and children of all ages. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for other garments. Some garments fade from popularity to never be seen again. Black jeans, however, offer a timeless, classic style — and there’s no signs of this changing anytime soon.

YES! Black Jeans Are Back in Style

Given the benefits mentioned above, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that black jeans are back in style. They are versatile, fade resistant, different, conceal stains, durable, semi-formal, inexpensive and timeless. When choosing a pair of black jeans, though, be sure to get the right size. Here at MakeYourOwnJeans, you can order black jeans in your own custom size. You tell us your specific body measurements, and we’ll create a custom pair of black jeans for you.

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