Black Is Back: 7 Reasons to Choose Jet-Black Jeans

Black Is Back: 7 Reasons to Choose Jet-Black Jeans

There’s no denying the fact that blue is a popular color in which jeans are made and sold. When they were originally invented over a century ago, jeans were made exclusively using blue-colored denim. Since then, blue has continued to reign as the dominant color for jeans. While you can still wear blue jeans, though, black is an alternative color that offers some surprising benefits. Below are seven reasons to choosing jet-black jeans.

#1) Complements All Skin Complexions

Whether you have a fair, medium or dark skin tone, jet-black jeans will complement your natural complexion. Why does this matter? If your jeans clash with your skin complexion, they’ll bring down the aesthetics of your outfit and overall appearance. The jeans may feel comfortable to wear, but they if they clash with your skin complexion, they won’t improve or otherwise benefit your appearance. This isn’t a problem with jet-black jeans, however, because of their ability to complement all skin complexions.

#2) Supports Multiple Layers

You can easily wear jet-black jeans in a layered outfit. Layered outfits, of course, are popular because of their versatility. With a layered outfit, you won’t have to worry about the hot or cold weather causing you discomfort. If it’s too hot, you can simply take off an outer layer. If it’s too cold, on the other hand, you can put on another layer.

Unfortunately, not all pants or trousers support the use of multiple layers. If you’re going to wear a pair of pants or trousers in a multi-layered outfit, you need to choose the right type. Jet-black jeans are an excellent choice because of their ability to flow cohesively with most other garments. You can wear jet-black jeans with white, red, blue and other colors. Their deep and dark black color will complement these alternative-colored layers to create a stunning outfit.

#3) Protection From Fading

Assuming you choose the right type, your jet-black jeans shouldn’t succumb to fading. Jeans receive their color from the presence of dye — and jet-black jeans are no exception. During production, they are bathed in a solution of water and black dye. As the denim material absorbs the dye, it develops a deep black color. With that said, some jet-black jeans are produced using an excessive amount of dye to protect against fading.

Known as jet-black overdyed jeans, they contain more black dye than that of traditional jet-black jeans. The end result is a deeper color that’s highly resistant to fading. All jet-black jeans are produced using black-colored dye. Overdyed jeans such as these are simply produced with extra dye. This offers both a deeper black color as well as better protection against fading.

#4) Hides Stains

If you’ve ever worn a black garment — whether it’s a shirt, sweater, jeans, etc — you may recall their ability to hide stains. Jet-black jeans can develop stains like all other garments, regardless of color. With their jet-black color, though, they are able to hide stains to the point where they are unnoticeable.

Garments develop stains when a colored substance soaks into the garment’s material. Spilling a soda, for instance, may cause the caramel-colored beverage to soak into your clothes. Jet-black jeans can absorb soda, as well as other colored substances, but they don’t show stains as easily as other-colored garments. Their dark tone will naturally hide stains so that they don’t harm the appearance of your outfit or personal style. Just remember to spot clean the stained area of your jet-black jeans to eliminate the stain. Even if the stain isn’t noticeable, you should still treat it to prolong the lifespan of your jet-black jeans.

#5) Keeps You Warm

Wearing a pair of jet-black jeans will keep you warm. All jeans are warm. After all, they are made of denim, which is a type of thick and durable cotton. You might be surprised to learn, however, that jet-black jeans are even warmer than blue-, white- and other-colored jeans.

Jet-black jeans are exceptionally warm because they are designed with a deep black color. The darker a garment, the more heat it will absorb. This is why white garments, such as white shirts, are typically worn during the summer. They’ll reflect heat to keep you cool and comfortable. If it’s chilly outside, though, you may want to wear darker-colored clothes. A pair of jet-black jeans will draw more heat to your body, thereby keeping you warm.

#6) Formal Wear

Black has become synonymous with formal wear. The next time you attend a formal event, take a few moments to look around and see what other people are wearing. Whether it’s a business interview, a graduation, a wedding or any other formal event, you’ll probably discover a large number of people wearing black outfits. Black is regarded as one of the most common and popular colors for formal wear.

Keep in mind that jet-black jeans aren’t a substitution for suit trousers. For a formal suit outfit, you’ll need to wear suit trousers. Nonetheless, you can increase the formality of your outfit by wearing jet-black jeans. When worn, they’ll make your outfit look a little more formal, allowing you to wear jet-black jeans for more events and occasions.

#7) Always in Style

Fashion trends regularly come and go like the seasons. A trend that’s popular today may be considered outdated in just a few months. It’s safe to say, however, that jet-black jeans will always be in style. Whether you’re planning to wear them today or 10 years from now, they’ll almost certainly be popular.

Jet-black jeans have been around for several decades. During this time, they’ve only gained momentum in the ever-evolving world of fashion. There are many reasons why jet-black jeans are so popular. As revealed here, they complement all skin complexions, support multiple layers, are easy to match with other colors, hide stains, keep you warm, offer a formal appearance and are always in style. I guess the better question to ask is why shouldn’t you wear jet-black jeans?

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