Denim Shorts: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair

Denim Shorts: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair

Denim shorts offer a cooler and more summertime-appropriate alternative to jeans. They are made of the same denim material as jeans, and they even share similar characteristics regarding appearance and style. Denim shorts, however, aren’t full-length pants. Therefore, you can comfortably wear them even during the hot summer months.

With so many different types of denim shorts available for sale, though, you might be wondering which pair to choose. Below is a beginner’s guide to finding the perfect pair of denim shorts.

Choose an Appropriate Length

When shopping for a pair of denim shorts, you should choose an appropriate length. Unlike jeans, denim shorts don’t have a standard length. Rather, they are designed in a variety of different lengths. Some denim shorts are short, whereas have a medium or long length.

A short length, of course, offers greater cooling benefits during the summer since it leaves more of your legs exposed and uncovered. A long length, on the other hand, will cover more of your legs, which some people may prefer. There’s no wrong choice regarding length. Just remember to choose a pair of denim shorts in a length that you are comfortable and confident wearing.

Pay Attention to the Material

You should pay attention to the material when shopping for a pair of denim shorts. Contrary to what many people believe, not all denim shorts are made entirely of denim. Some denim shorts contain one or more other materials to enhance their physical properties.

There are stretch denim shorts, for instance, that contain an elastic material. They are made of the same combination of denim and elastic materials as stretch jeans. Denim shorts are still comprised primarily of denim, which is essentially cotton. However, they contain a small amount of an elastic material as well. Some denim shorts contain lycra, whereas others contain spandex or polyester. With an elastic material in their construction, stretch denim shorts live up to their namesake by offering a stretchier and more elastic fit than traditional denim shorts.

Go With Prewashed

Although there are dozens of types of denim shorts, nearly all of them can be categorized as either prewashed or raw. Prewashed denim shorts are soaked in water during production. Raw denim shorts, on the other hand, are not washed or otherwise soaked in water during production.

Why should you go with prewashed denim shorts exactly? When denim shorts are soaked in water for the first time, they shrink. Nearly all garments, in fact, shrink — at least somewhat — when washed for the first time. With prewashed denim shorts, you don’t have to worry about excessive shrinkage since they are soaked in water during production.

Another reason to go with prewashed denim shorts is protection against fading. Denim shorts can fade. Fading is the result of dye being expelled from a garment’s material. If the dye used in a pair of denim shorts leaks out of the denim material, the garment will develop a lighter color. Prewashed denim shorts are better protected against fading since they are washed during production. Prewashing helps to release some of the loose and excess dye, thereby protecting the denim shorts from future fading.

4 or 5 Pockets

It’s recommended that you stick with a pair of denim shorts in a traditional four- or five-pocket style. Some denim shorts are designed with fewer pockets, whereas others have more pockets. Nonetheless, four- and five-pocket styles have become synonymous with all denim garments, including both jeans and denim shorts alike.

What is a four-pocket style exactly? Denim shorts with four pockets will have two pockets on the front and two pockets on the back. A five-pocket style uses this same configuration but with an additional, smaller pocket on the front.

This fifth pocket is also known as a watch pocket. When jeans and denim shorts first appeared on the market, manufacturers added a small pocket to hold a pocket watch. While you probably don’t carry or use a pocket watch, having this extra pocket on your denim shorts can still prove useful. It adds a unique visual touch while also serving as a storage area for small items.

Go With Custom Sized

To get the most bang for your buck, go with custom-sized denim shorts. Custom-sized denim shorts differ from traditional denim shorts in the sense that they are designed using your own body measurements. They aren’t sold in fixed length and width measurements. Rather, custom-sized denim shorts are “customized” according to your body measurements.

You can order custom-sized denim shorts, as well as other jeans and denim garments, here at MakeYourOwnJeans. When you place an order, you’ll have the option to include your body measurements. After taking your body measurements and submitting them to us, we’ll use them to create the perfect pair of denim shorts.

Custom-sized denim shorts are ideal because they fit just right. Since they are designed specifically according to your body measurements, you can rest assured knowing that they won’t be too big or too small. Rather, they’ll fit just right. If you’re tired of buying new shorts, only to discover that they aren’t the correct size, perhaps you need custom-sized denim shorts.

Choose the Right Color

Don’t forget to choose the right color when shopping for denim shorts. Denim shorts are available in other colors besides blue. Light blue, indigo and other shades of blue are undoubtedly popular colors in which denim shorts are made and sold. What that said, you can find denim shorts in many other colors as well.

Some people prefer black denim shorts. Black denim shorts are easy to match with other garments since black is a universal color. Other people prefer white denim shorts. White is also a universal color, so it’s easy to include in your outfits. Of course, there are many other colors in which denim shorts are made and sold.

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