Frequently Asked Questions About Stretch Jeans

Frequently Asked Questions About Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans have become a popular alternative to traditional, rigid jeans. They are still made of denim; all jeans, in fact, are made of denim. Stretch jeans are simply distinguished from their traditional counterparts by their elastic properties. You can physically stretch them without breaking or damaging them.

How Are Stretch Jeans Made?

Stretch jeans are made like most other jeans: the denim is twisted into the thread, after which it’s used to weave warp threads and weft threads. Warp threads are those that go vertical, whereas weft threads are those that go horizontal. Stretch jeans, however, are made using a special type of denim. Known as stretch denim, it consists of cotton and an elastic fabric. The elastic fabric used in their construction gives stretch jeans their elastic, stretchy properties.

Are Stretch Jeans Machine-Washable?

While there are dozens of different types of stretch jeans, most of them are machine-washable. You don’t have to hand-wash them, nor do you have to get them dry-cleaned. You can clean stretch jeans in the washing machine. Of course, you should still check the care tag. Stretch jeans typically feature a care tag that reveals instructions on how to wash and dry them. Nonetheless, they are typically safe to clean in the washing machine.

What Are Enzyme-Washed Stretch Jeans?

You may discover that some stretch jeans are enzyme washed. Unless you’re familiar with enzyme washing, you may assume that they are the same as all other stretch jeans. What are enzyme-washed stretch jeans exactly? The term “enzyme washed” refers to a production process in which the jeans are bathed in an enzyme solution. The enzyme solution is designed to break down the cellulose within the denim to achieve a softer texture. If you’re looking for a super-soft pair of jeans, you may want to choose a pair of enzyme-washed stretch jeans.

How Do Stretch Jeans Differ From Traditional Jeans?

They may look the same, but stretch jeans and traditional jeans are made of different denim fabrics. Stretch jeans are made of stretch denim, which consists of plain denim mixed with an elastic fabric. Traditional jeans, on the other hand, are made entirely of plain denim. Aside from their construction nuances, stretch jeans and traditional jeans are strikingly similar. They use the same type of weaving pattern, and they offer a similar casual appearance when worn.

What Colors Are Stretch Jeans Available In?

Stretch jeans are available in many different colors. As you may have guessed, blue is a popular color for them. There are light blue stretch jeans, and there are indigo or dark blue stretch jeans. Light blue offers a slightly more casual appearance, whereas indigo is a more formal color. You can even find stretch jeans in alternative colors like black, yellow and red. Stretch jeans are simply made of stretch denim. To achieve a particular color, manufacturers can dye the stretch denim.

How Much Stretch Denim Are They Made Of?

Different types of stretch jeans are made of different amounts of stretch denim. You can refer to their weight to determine how much stretch denim was used in their construction. Some stretch jeans are made of 10 ounces of denim, whereas others are made of 12 ounces of stretch denim. Stretch jeans are typically thicker when made of more stretch denim. And because they are thicker, they also weigh more than stretch jeans made of less stretch denim. Regardless, you can refer to the weight of stretch jeans to determine how much stretch denim was used in their construction.

Are Stretch Jeans More Comfortable Than Traditional Jeans?

Unless you’ve worn them in the past, you might be wondering whether stretch jeans are more comfortable than traditional jeans. All jeans are comfortable. After all, jeans are casual trousers consisting of cotton-based denim. If they weren’t comfortable, they wouldn’t rank as the world’s most popular type of trousers. But stretch jeans are arguably more comfortable than traditional jeans.

Will Stretch Jeans Shrink?

Like most garments, stretch jeans aren’t immune to shrinkage. Over the course of several years, they may shrink to a smaller size. The good news is that you can protect your stretch jeans from shrinkage by choosing the right type. Hard wash stretch jeans are better protected against shrinkage than other types of stretch jeans. Hard wash stretch jeans are washed in hot water during production. As a result, they are essentially preshrunk. You won’t have to worry about hard wash stretch jeans shrinking when you wash and dry them.

What’s the Difference Between 0.5%, 1% and 3% Stretch Jeans?

There are different types of stretch jeans. Some of them are labeled as 0.5% stretch, whereas others are labeled as 1% or 3% stretch. What’s the difference between these types of stretch jeans exactly? 0.5%, 1% and 3% stretch refer to the ratio of elastic fabric to plain denim used in their construction. All stretch jeans are made of plain denim and an elastic fabric. Stretch jeans labeled as 0.5% stretch are made of 99.5% plain denim and 0.5% elastic fabric. Stretch jeans labeled as 3% stretch, on the other hand, are made of 97% plain denim and 3% elastic fabric.

What Are Overdyed Stretch Jeans?

When shopping for stretch jeans, you may encounter overdyed stretch jeans. Overdyed has become a popular style of stretch jeans. What are overdyed stretch jeans exactly? As the name suggests, they are stretch jeans produced with an excessive amount of dye. They are “overdyed” during production to achieve a darker, fuller tone. Most overdyed stretch jeans are black. They feature a pitch-black tone that’s darker than that of other stretch jeans.

Are Custom-Sized Stretch Jeans Worth It?

Cutom-sized stretch jeans are absolutely worth it. They offer all of the same benefits as other stretch jeans, but you can rest assured knowing that they’ll fit your body perfectly. You can order custom-sized stretch jeans here at MakeYourOwnJeans. When placing an order, you can specify your body measurements. We’ll create a custom pair of stretch jeans using your body measurements, resulting in the perfect fit.

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