How to Choose a Denim Jacket for Winter

How to Choose a Denim Jacket for Winter

A denim jacket is a versatile choice of outerwear. Consisting of the same denim material used in jeans, it offers a natural balance of comfort and style. If you’re planning it to wear it during the winter, though, you’ll need to choose the right type of denim jacket. While all denim jackets are comfortable and stylish, some are better suited for the cold winter weather than others.

Full-Length Sleeves

It’s recommended that you choose a denim jacket with full-length sleeves if you plan on wearing it during the winter season. With full-length sleeves, your arms will be completely covered and protected from the cold weather.

Most denim jackets do, in fact, have full-length sleeves. The sleeves extend all the way from the shoulders to the wrists when worn. With that said, there are some denim jackets with partial-length sleeves or no sleeves at all. While suitable for the summer and spring seasons, they are typically a poor choice for the winter season. Instead, choose a denim jacket with full-length sleeves for the winter season.

Buttons or Zipper

You should also choose a denim jacket with either buttons or a zipper on the front. Buttons and zippers are fasteners. If your denim jacket doesn’t have either of them, you won’t be able to close the front of it. The front of your denim jacket will remain open, thereby exposing your body to the cold weather.

When wearing a denim jacket during the winter season, you should close the front of it for additional warmth. Of course, this is only possible if your denim jacket has buttons or a zipper. Therefore, you should choose a denim jacket with one of these two types of fasteners. Some people prefer buttons, whereas others prefer zippers. Regardless, you can only close the front of your denim jacket if it has buttons or a zipper.

Indigo Color

While denim jackets are available in dozens of colors, indigo is an excellent choice for the winter season. Why you should choose an indigo-colored denim jacket exactly? Because it’s a dark color — indigo is a deep blue color — indigo absorbs and retains more heat than other colors.

Aside from its warm properties, indigo is a classic color that naturally complements many other colors. You can wear an indigo denim jacket, in fact, with most other colors. Indigo doesn’t clash with other common colors. On the contrary, it flows cohesively with other colors to provide an attractive and classic style.

Heavyweight Denim

Don’t forget to consider the weight of a denim jacket. Heavier denim jackets are typically warmer than their lighter counterparts. If a jacket is made of thin and lightweight denim, it won’t offer much protection against the cold winter weather. It may look nice, but you may find yourself getting cold while wearing it.

Fortunately, not all denim jackets are made of thin and lightweight denim. Many of them are made of heavyweight denim. These heavyweight denim jackets offer a superior level of warmth. Since they are heavy, they’ll provide greater insulation so that your body retains its heat. You can still choose a lightweight denim jacket, but heavyweight denim jackets are usually the best choice for the winter because of their superior warmth.

Select the Right Size

The size of a denim jacket can affect its ability to keep you warm during the winter. If a denim jacket is too small, it may leave parts of your body exposed to the cold weather. A small denim jacket, for instance, may not extend all the way to your wrists. With part of your arms exposed, you’ll probably get cold when wearing it.

Conversely, an oversized denim jacket can prove equally problematic. If it’s too big, it may fit loosely when worn. Loose-fitted garments aren’t particularly warm. If there’s too much space between your body and a garment — including a denim jacket — it will offer minimal protection against the cold winter weather. Your denim jacket needs to fit properly to provide maximum warmth.

How do you find a denim jacket that fits perfectly? Here at StudioSuits, you can order a premium denim jacket in a custom size. You aren’t limited to basic sizes, such as medium or large. Instead, you can provide your exact body measurements when ordering a denim jacket. We’ll use these measurements to ensure you receive the perfect denim jacket that’s fitted for your body.

Tips on Wearing a Denim Jacket During the Winter

Even if you choose the right denim jacket, there are a few things you should know when wearing it during the winter. As previously mentioned, you should secure the front so that it fully protects your body. If your denim jacket has buttons on the front, fasten the buttons. If it has a zipper on the front, pull up the zipper.

Wearing a thick shirt underneath a denim jacket can help you stay warm. Don’t just wear a t-shirt. Instead, consider wearing a long-sleeve shirt or even a sweater under your denim jacket. As long as it’s made of a thick fabric, it will help you stay warm.

You can actually wear multiple shirts or tops under your denim jacket. Along with a t-shirt as an undershirt, you can wear a sweater or hooded, followed by a denim jacket. Regardless of how cold it is outside, the combination of all these garments should protect you from the cold winter weather.

Don’t forget to wear the right trousers or pants with your denim jacket. Jeans, of course, work well with denim jackets because they are both made of denim. At the same time, jeans are relatively warm, so you can wear them during the winter season.

You can also accessorize your denim jacket for additional warmth. Wearing a scarf, for instance, can keep your neck and ears warm. Alternatively, you can wear a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm. These are just a few of many winter accessories that you can wear along with a denim jacket.

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