How to Choose Comfortable Athletic Jeans

How to Choose Comfortable Athletic Jeans

Did y you know the average person owns more than a half-dozen pairs of denim jeans? Of course, there’s a good reason why denim jeans are so popular. Aside from their stylish appearance, they are comfortable, durable and able to withstand the hands of time. You can even wear some types when hiking, biking or engaging in other physical activities. But if you’re thinking about wearing jeans for this purpose, you should choose the right type. Not all jeans are suitable for outdoor or other athletic activities. So, consider the following tips on how to choose the perfect pair of athletic denim jeans.

Avoid Skinny, Slim and Straight-Leg

Normally, skinny, slim and straight-leg denim jeans are perfectly fine and even recommended for individuals who want to achieve a slimmer appearance. While there are subtle nuances between these three cuts, they are all characterized by a slim leg opening, which has a naturally slimming effect on the wearer’s appearance. The problem with this is that it restricts your movement when performing activities. With limited space in the legs, you won’t be able to easily bend and move your legs. Therefore, it’s recommended that you choose a pair of denim jeans in a different style if you intend to wear them for athletic purposes.

Regular Cut

On the other hand, relaxed and loose cut denim jeans aren’t necessarily the best choice either. Unlike skinny, slim and straight-leg, relaxed and loose cut have a wider opening throughout the leg, making them somewhat baggy. When wearing denim jeans with these cuts for athletic purposes, you may find the excess fabric in the legs to be cumbersome. This is why it’s a good idea to stick with regular cut jeans for athletic purposes. Regular cut jeans have a normal opening throughout the leg that’s not too big but not too narrow. They offer just enough space so that you can easily move your legs and body without feeling restricted. Although you can experiment with denim jeans in other cuts, you really can’t go wrong with regular cut for athletic purposes.

Consider Stretch

100% denim jeans have a somewhat rough surface, which offers both advantages and disadvantages. It makes the jeans strong and protects against ripping, tearing and other forms of damage. However, it also provides minimal flexibility, making it difficult to bend and move your body when wearing them. If you’re looking for a pair of athletic jeans, you may want to consider a pair made of both denim and an elastic material. Known as stretch jeans, they’ve become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional denim jeans in recent years. Just 3% of spandex or polyester in a pair of jeans can improve their stretching capacity by up to 15%, all while making the jeans softer and more comfortable to wear in the process.


You’ll probably discover that denim jeans are available in a wide variety of colors, ranging from white to black and every tone in between. For athletic jeans, though, it’s usually best to stick with indigo. This classic dark blue color naturally conceals stains while also offering a simple, stylish appearance. And if your indigo jeans become stained or extremely dirty, you can easily redye them in your washing machine. This involves submerging the jeans in water and adding two bottles of blue dye and one bottle of black. When done correctly, your jeans will come out with a fresh indigo color as if they were new.


Get the Right Fit

The most important factor to consider when choosing athletic jeans is the size. If they don’t fit, you won’t be able to comfortably wear them when performing athletic activities; it’s just that simple. Here’s where the problem lies: no two people have the exact same body shape or size, so you won’t always find jeans in your size when shopping at local retail and department stores. If this sounds familiar, consider ordering your athletic jeans here at MakeYourOwnJeans. As our name suggests, we allow you to make your own jeans by specifying your own measurements. You tell us your body measurements, and we’ll use those specifications to create a pair of custom jeans designed specifically for your body shape and size.

Medium Rise

Denim jeans are available in different “rises,” which refers to the location of the waist on which the jeans sit. Low-rise jeans, for instance, sit lower on the waist than high rise. If you’re shopping for athletic jeans, medium rise is usually the best option from which to choose. Medium-rise jeans sit directly in the middle of your waist. It’s a balanced style that provides full range of motion without restricting or otherwise impeding your ability to move. You can still experiment with other rises, but you’ll probably discover that medium-rise jeans are the best choice for athletic purposes.

Quality Counts

Of course, you should also choose high-quality athletic jeans. Some manufacturers use cheap, low-quality materials to make their jeans, which is reflected upon the overall quality of the denim. You can expect to pay more for a pair of high-quality jeans, but it’s a smart investment in the long run because they’ll last longer and offer a higher level of utility than low-quality jeans.


Finally, pay attention to the overall comfort of the jeans. If they are too rough or rugged, you may find yourself wearing a different style of jeans or pants. So, how do you choose comfortable athletic jeans? The two most important factors that affect jeans’ comfort is the size and quality of construction. Make sure the jeans are made of high-quality materials and they are designed to fit your body.

A good pair of athletic jeans can last for years, allowing you to wear them for just about any outdoor or athletic activity. The key thing to remember is that you need to choose the right pair. If you’re struggling to find a good pair of athletic jeans, consider the tips listed here.

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