How to Choose the Perfect Jeans for Winter

How to Choose the Perfect Jeans for Winter

Are you looking to buy new jeans for the winter? While you can wear jeans year-round, some of them are better suited for the cold winter weather than others. You can’t expect to stay warm if you wear thin jeans with little or no insulation. They may look amazing, but they won’t protect you from the cold weather. Fortunately, there are plenty of high-quality jeans available that are perfect for the winter. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect jeans for the winter.

Pure Denim

Jeans made of pure denim are typically better suited for the cold winter weather than those made of other materials. Pure denim means they are made entirely of denim. Some people assume that all jeans are made of pure denim, but this isn’t necessarily true. While most jeans are, in fact, made of pure denim, others are made of multiple materials.

Stretch jeans, for instance, are made of denim and an elastic material. They contain a small amount of an elastic material, such as polyester or lycra, which increases their elasticity. There’s nothing wrong with stretch jeans, but if you’re looking for a pair of warm jeans to wear during the winter, you may want to look elsewhere. Jeans made of pure denim tend to offer a higher level of protection against the cold winter weather, making them preferable for this time of year.

Heavyweight Construction

In addition to pure denim, consider choosing a pair of jeans featuring a heavyweight construction. Different jeans are made of different amounts of denim. Even if two pairs of jeans are made of pure denim, they could feature different amounts of denim in their construction. As a result, the amount of warmth they offer will vary.

Jeans with a heavyweight construction will typically warmer than those with a lightweight construction. Some jeans are only made of 10 ounces of denim. Other jeans, such as the Kings Heavy Blue Jeans sold here at MakeYourOwnJeans, are made of 14 ounces of denim. With nearly 50% more denim, the Kings Heavy Blue Jeans are a better choice for the winter season. They are thicker and heavier, allowing them to insulate your body more effectively than those with a lightweight construction.

Steer Clear of Distressed

It’s recommended that you avoid choosing distressed jeans. Distressed jeans are defined by patches and areas of intentional wear and tear. They originated during the 1970s during the punk rock movement. At the time, musicians, as well as fans, in the punk rock movement intentionally degraded their jeans to create a unique style. Since then, denim manufacturers have embraced this trend by producing and selling distressed jeans.

While you can wear distressed jeans at any time of the year, they aren’t as warm as other, non-distressed jeans. Distressed jeans typically have holes in them. The holes are typically located in the knees and thighs. When wearing distressed jeans during the winter, these parts of your body will be exposed to the cold weather. You’ll likely stay warmer, as well as more comfortable, by wearing traditional non-distressed jeans, instead.

Go for Full Length

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that full-length jeans are better suited for the winter season than their cropped or otherwise partial-length counterparts. Full-length jeans are defined by a complete length. They extend all the way from your waistline to your ankles when worn.

With a full length, your entire legs will be covered and protected from the cold winter weather. If you wear partial-length jeans, it will be a different story. They’ll probably cover your waistline and thighs, but they may leave your shins exposed. In turn, they won’t offer as much protection from the cold winter weather.

Consider a Dark Color

You might be surprised to learn that the color of your jeans can affect their level of warmth. Dark colors tend to work best for the winter season. Like with most garments, dark-colored jeans are warmer than light-colored jeans. They’ll absorb and hold more heat, thereby keeping you warmer than their light-colored counterparts.

Here are some popular dark colors in which jeans are made:

  • Black
  • Indigo
  • Kelly green
  • Dark gray

Don’t Forget the Waist Size

Of course, you should still choose jeans in the right waist size as well. If they are too big in the waist, you may struggle to keep them up. As the jeans gradually fall from your waistline, they’ll leave you exposed to the cold winter weather.

For the right waist size, order your jeans from MakeYourOwnJeans. We offer custom sizing on all jeans. When you place an order, you can provide us with your measurements, which we’ll use to design your jeans.

Tips on Wearing Jeans During the Winter

There are a few other things you can do to stay warm when jeans during the winter. If you find that you are still getting cold, for instance, try wearing leggings underneath your jeans. A pair of cotton or wool leggings will offer an additional layer of insulation that protects your body from the cold winter weather.

Certain accessories can help keep you warm as well. Not surprisingly, gloves are an invaluable fashion accessory for the winter season. A pair of winter gloves will protect your fingers and hands from the cold weather while introducing new colors to your outfit in the process. Along with gloves, you can accessorize your jeans with a cap or earmuffs, both of which will cover your ears.

Choosing the right footwear can better protect you from the cold winter weather. Jeans don’t extend past your feet. As a result, they won’t keep your feet warm. You need to choose the right footwear. Avoid wearing thin shoes during the winter. Instead, choose a thick footwear that’s better insulated. Boots are a popular choice of footwear for the winter season. When compared to athletic and tennis shoes, boots are typically thicker, so they offer a superior level of insulation.

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