How to Choose the Right Corduroy Pants

How to Choose the Right Corduroy Pants

Corduroy pants offer a timeless style that looks amazing in nearly all casual outfits. They are characterized by a corduroy construction. While there are many different types of corduroy pants, they are made of corduroy. Corduroy is a textile that features raised ridges known as “cords.”

All corduroy pants feature cords. If you run your hand over the surface of a pair of corduroy pants, you’ll feel these cords. Nonetheless, there are many different types of corduroy pants. To take advantage of their timeless style, you’ll need to choose the right corduroy pants.

Choose a Soft Fabric

You should choose corduroy pants made of a soft fabric. Corduroy pants, of course, are made of corduroy, but they still require a specific fabric. Corduroy is simply a textile with cords. Corduroy is still derived from a particular fabric. For a comfortable fit, you should choose corduroy pants made of a soft fabric.

Some corduroy pants are made of cotton. Cotton corduroy is an all-around great choice. It’s soft, lightweight, machine washable and hypoallergenic. Other corduroy pants are made of wool. Wool is a thicker and warmer fabric, making it preferable during the fall and winter months.

Regular vs Stretch Corduroy

There are regular corduroy pants, and there are stretch corduroy pants. Regular corduroy pants are made of entirely of corduroy, such as cotton or wool corduroy. Stretch corduroy pants, on the other hand, are made of a combination of corduroy and an elastic fabric.

The Corduroy Stretch Jeans sold here at MakeYourOwnJeans, for instance, are made of stretch corduroy. They contain 97% cotton and 3% lycra. Lycra is an elastic fabric. While cotton is somewhat rigid, lycra is elastic. You can pull and stretch lycra without breaking it. Stretch corduroy pants contain a small amount of an elastic fabric like lycra. This elastic fabric gives them their elastic properties.

Go With Pre-Washed

You may want to choose pre-washed corduroy pants. Pre-washed means that they were washed during production. Garments like corduroy pants are often classified as either pre-washed or dry depending on whether they were washed during production. Washed garments are washed during production, dry garments are not washed during production.

Why should you go with pre-washed corduroy pants exactly? For starters, they are typically softer than their dry counterparts. Pre-washed corduroy pants are submerged in hot water, which helps to soften them. They are also better protected against fading than dry corduroy pants. The washing process helps to release loose dye so that the corduroy pants don’t succumb to fading.

Consider the Cord Style

You should consider the cord style when choosing corduroy pants. All corduroy pants have cords. The presence of cords is essentially what distinguishes them from other types of pants. Cords are simply raised ridges. With that said, there are different cord styles, each of which features a different pattern or appearance.

Standard wale is the most common cord style. Standard wale consists of 11 cords per inch. Another common cord style is pincord. Also known as needle cord, it’s a finer cord style. Corduroy pants with the pincord style have thinner, narrower cords than those with the standard wale cord style.

Cargo vs Non-Cargo Corduroy Pants

In addition to plain corduroy pants, there are cargo corduroy pants. Cargo corduroy pants feature cargo pockets. They still have two pockets on the front, as well as an additional two pockets on the back, but they also feature pockets on the side. Known as cargo pockets, they are typically bigger and deeper than the other pants.

If you’re looking for a new pair of corduroy pants to wear while working, you may want to choose cargo corduroy pants. With their cargo pockets, they’ll allow you to carry more items. You can use them to carry handheld tools, for instance.

Even if you don’t plan on wearing them while working, you can’t go wrong with cargo corduroy pants. They offer a unique style that’s attractive and versatile. Cargo pockets stand out from regular pockets. They offer new shapes and textures, thus drawing attention to cargo corduroy pants. The bottom line is that you’ll need to choose between cargo and non-cargo corduroy pants.

Check the Fly

You should check the fly when shopping for corduroy pants. All corduroy pants have a fly. While some of them have a zipper fly, though, others have a button fly.

As you may know, a zipper fly consists of a metal track that you can pull up and down. A button fly, conversely, consists of a column of buttons that you can fasten and unfasten. Neither of these fly styles is necessarily better than the other; they each offer their own benefits. But you should still check the fly when shopping for corduroy pants.

What About Pocket Lining?

If you order corduroy pants here at MakeYourOwnJeans, you’ll have the option of adding pocket lining to them. Pocket lining consists of a layer of fabric that’s added to the interior of the pockets. It will enhance the corduroy pants with a unique and subtle design element.

Most other stores don’t offer pocket lining. You can buy corduroy pants with pocket lining, though, by ordering them here at MakeYourOwnJeans. Pocket lining is an optional add-on for our corduroy pants.

Get the Right Size

Make sure you get the right size when choosing corduroy pants. If they don’t fit, you probably won’t wear them very often. Corduroy pants that are too big will look and feel baggy. And if they are too small, you may not fit into them.

Avoid choosing corduroy pants in a generic size. Instead, opt for a custom size. Custom-sized corduroy pants are designed using your body measurements. They are customized according to your body measurements. You don’t have to worry about them being too big or too small. Customs-sized corduroy pants will fit perfectly as long as you provide the right body measurements when ordering them.

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