How to Look Great in Stretch Jeans

How to Look Great in Stretch Jeans

Are you planning to wear stretch jeans? Consisting of both denim and an elastic material, stretch jeans have become a popular alternative to traditional jeans. They are soft, comfortable and able to contour to your body. Because of the nuances between them and regular jeans, though, you’ll need to follow some basic tips when wearing them. In this post, you’ll learn more about stretch jeans and how to look great when wearing them.

Hard Washed

You should consider choosing a pair of hard-washed stretch jeans. Like all stretch jeans, they are characterized by the use of an elastic material in their construction. They are called “hard washed” because they are washed in hot water during production.

Jeans are often labeled as either washed or dry, depending on whether they are washed during production. Hard washed simply means the jeans were washed at high temperatures. Exposure to hot water helps to protect the jeans from premature shrinkage as well as fading. As a result, hard-washed stretch jeans are an excellent all-around choice.


In addition to being hard washed, you may want to choose a pair of stretch jeans featuring selvedge denim. Selvedge denim, of course, refers to hemmed pant legs. The bottom of the pant legs doesn’t just abruptly stop. Rather, they are hemmed a few inches in place.

Stretch jeans featuring a selvedge denim construction offer several benefits, one of which is a uniquely stylish appearance. Since the bottom of the pant legs are hemmed, they tend to stand out while offering a high level of aesthetics.

Furthermore, a selvedge denim construction protects the stretch jeans from damage. With the bottom of the pant legs hemmed, you don’t have to worry about them dragging on the ground — something that could otherwise cause permanent damage. The bottom of the pant legs are pulled up and sewn into place, thereby protecting the stretch jeans from damage.

Elastic Material

No stretch jeans are complete without elastic material. After all, the presence of an elastic material is essentially what distinguishes stretch jeans from regular jeans. If a pair of jeans is made entirely of denim, they won’t offer the same properties as their stretch counterparts.

You can find stretch jeans available in different elastic materials. Lycra is perhaps the most common and widely used elastic material in stretch jeans. Lycra is a synthetic material that’s able to stretch while retaining its original size and shape. After being stretched, lycra will revert or “bounce back” to its original size and shape. Therefore, you can’t go wrong by wearing stretch jeans made of lycra. Along with lycra, other common elastic materials used in the construction of stretch jeans include polyester and spandex, both of which have similar properties as lycra.

Watch the Size

When shopping for a new pair of stretch jeans, you must choose an appropriate size that’s not too big and not too small. Choosing the right size is important when shopping for any type of jeans, but it’s particularly important for stretch jeans. Stretch jeans have a slimmer fit than most other types of jeans. If they are too small or too big, you won’t be able to comfortably wear them.

Unfortunately, finding a pair of stretch jeans in the right size isn’t always easy. Most retailers use basic measurements, such as a standard length and waist measurement. You may get lucky and find a pair of stretch jeans in the perfect size. Unfortunately, this typically doesn’t happen. The good news is that you can still find stretch jeans in the perfect size; you just need to know where to look.

Rather than shopping at local retail stores, consider buying your stretch jeans from MakeYourOwnJeans. Not only do we offer one of the largest selections of jeans, but MakeYourOwnJeans offer custom sizing as well. When you order a pair of stretch jeans, you’ll have the freedom to specify your body measurements. We’ll then use these measurements to design a pair of custom-sized stretch jeans, resulting in a perfect fit each and every time.

Universal Color

It’s recommended that you choose a pair of stretch jeans in a universal color. Why is this important? With a universal color, you’ll be able to wear them more frequently than other colors.

Universal colors consist of light blue, indigo and black. They are known as “universal colors” because they flow cohesively with most other colors. Whether you choose a pair of stretch jeans in light blue, indigo or black, you shouldn’t have trouble including them in your outfits.

Accessorize With a Belt

Regardless of which color you choose, accessorizing your stretch jeans with a belt can prove useful in lifting their aesthetics. Like all jeans, stretch jeans are typically made with belt loops around the waistline. To accessorize them with a belt, you can slide the belt through these loops, followed by fastening the buckle.

Some people assume that because their jeans fit, they don’t need to wear a belt with them. Even if your jeans fit, though, wearing a belt is still a good idea because it helps to define your waistline. Assuming your belt is a different color than your stretch jeans, it will stand out. The contrasting colors between your belt and your stretch jeans will enhance your appearance while defining your waistline in the process.

Read the Care Tag

Don’t forget to read the care tag on your stretch jeans. Manufacturers use the care tag to convey instructions on how to wash, de-wrinkle and care for their respective jeans.

Stretch jeans often require a little extra work to maintain because, unlike other jeans, they contain synthetic materials in their construction. Synthetic materials like lycra are more vulnerable to damage when washed and dried than organic materials. You can still wash them, but you’ll need to read the care tag to determine the safest and most effective method.

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