How to Make your Jeans Look More Formal and ‘Dressy’

How to Make your Jeans Look More Formal and ‘Dressy’

There’s no denying the fact that denim jeans are one of the most versatile types of pants on the market. They’ve been around for well over a century, becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Today, jeans are the single most popular type of pants in the world, worn by both men and women alike. It’s this unmatched level of versatility that makes them such a popular choice.

But some people may argue that jeans are too casual, which is why you rarely see them worn in formal settings. You have to remember that jeans were originally created during the California Gold Rush, with Levi Strauss pioneering the garment for gold prospectors. While jeans are no longer made for gold prospecting, they continue to exhibit the same strength and durability as they once did back in the 1800s. At the same time, however, they fall short of achieving the formal look and characteristics of khakis, chinos and trousers — all three of which are usually worn for formal events and occasions.

Before you go placing your jeans in the closet or trading them in for a pair of chinos, however, you should try the following solutions to make them look more formal and dressy.

Choose Darker Jeans

The color of jeans plays a direct role in whether it’s casual or formal. Generally speaking, lighter colors exhibit a more casual appearance, whereas darker colors have the opposite effect by creating a more formal look. So if you’re trying to achieve a formal appearance, stick with a pair of dark-colored jeans. Indigo (dark blue) is an excellent choice, as it’s easy to match with other color and styles, and it looks great on just about everyone.

If you don’t have any dark-colored jeans, you have one of two different choices: you can either buy a new pair of dark-colored jeans (check out our selection here at MakeYourOwnJeans), or you can dye your current jeans. Dyeing is actually a quick and simple process that you can perform at home. Simply pick up two blue dyes and one black dye, and follow the instructions on the back of the package. You dye your jeans in the bathtub or washing machine. Assuming you choose the latter, however, make sure you run an empty load after dyeing your jeans to flush any excess dye; otherwise, it may bleed onto your other clothes and garments. You can avoid the headaches of bleeding color by purchasing a new, darker-colored pair of jeans.

Tuck in Your Shirt

Going back to the basics of style 101, you should tuck in your shirt for a formal appearance. Whether you are attending a business meeting, trade show, or just a gathering with friends, you should tuck your shirt into the waistline of your jeans. Some men struggle to keep their shirt tucked in throughout the day, however. This is particularly common among men who are constantly moving and on the go.

But there’s a simple way to keep your shirt tucked into your jeans: the military tuck. To perform the military tuck,  go ahead and put your shirt on, buttoning up the front (assuming it has buttons). Next, put on your jeans and leave the top button unfastened. Now tuck the front of your shirt into the front of your jeans waistline, smoothing out the fabric so there’s no bunching. Next, take the back of your shirt and pinch it at the seams. Using your thumb, create a duck tail with the pinched fabric, at which point you can tuck it into your jeans waistline. Make sure the fabric is flat and there’s no bunching. Now button your jeans and you are good to go!


Wear a Belt

Of course, you can also make your jeans look more formal and dressy by wearing a belt. Even if your jeans stay up on their own, wearing a belt adds a new dynamic to your outfit, enhancing your appearance with a touch of formality. It’s an otherwise small and simple accessory that has a BIG impact on your appearance.

When choosing a belt, however, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, what type of shoes do you plan on wearing? If you plan on wearing black shoes, you should avoid wearing a brown belt. Consequently, you should also avoid wearing a black belt with brown shoes. While there are a few exceptions to this rule, brown and black usually clash with one another, meaning you should generally avoid wearing both of them in your outfit.

Something else to consider when choosing a belt is the size — not just the actual length but also the width. Wider belts are more visible, which can either help or hurt your appearance depending on how they are worn. If you want to draw attention to your waistline and enhance your outfit with a new color, consider wearing a wider belt. But if you want to keep the attention focused on your body, stick with a thinner belt.

Choose a Slim Fit

There are dozens of different “fits” for jeans, but if you’re hoping to achieve a formal appearance it’s best to stick with a slim fit. Slim-fit jeans hug and contour to the body, more so than relaxed or loose fit. Because of this characteristic, they are usually worn for formal events and occasions. It’s very rare that you’ll see loose-fitted jeans worn for formal occasions. Normally, they are worn for casual occasion instead.

You don’t have to necessarily choose slim-fit jeans, however. There are similar fit styles that offer similar characteristics. Skinny leg is one such alternative that mimics the characteristics of slim fit. They fit closer to the body, preventing baggy, excess fabric from showing. Choosing either skinny leg or slim fit will help you achieve a more formal appearance.

These are just a few simple ways to make your jeans look more formal and dressy. You can browse through our wide variety of stylish jeans by clicking here.

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