How to Spot Clean Denim

How to Spot Clean Denim

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t wash denim jeans after each use. Some people are stuck in the mindset of washing their jeans everyday, assuming it keeps them clean and protected from damage. In reality, though, washing your jeans after each use will only further degrade the fabric, increasing the risk of damage. So instead of cleaning your jeans in the washing machine, it’s recommended that you spot clean them.

What is Spot Cleaning?

The term “spot cleaning” refers to cleaning fabric (which in this case is jeans) by selectively cleaning only the dirty areas. If there’s a noticeable stain on the knees of your jeans, for instance, you could spot clean them with washcloth. The most obvious benefit in spot cleaning as opposed to machine washing is that it cleans dirty areas without exposing garments to the wear and tear of a washing machine. Furthermore, you can spot clean dirty areas on the fly with just a few basic items. This makes it an attractive choice for people who are always on the go and don’t have time to machine wash their clothes.

Spot Cleaning Denim: What You’ll Need

To spot clean denim jeans, you’ll need a few basic items. This includes a clean washcloth, color-protected laundry detergent, and some water. There are dozens of stain removing products on the market, but good ol’ fashioned laundry detergent seems to work just as well — and it won’t cause color bleeding or other damage, assuming it’s used correctly.

How to Spot Clean Denim

When you are ready to spot clean your jeans, place them on a flat, smooth surface, such as a table or ironing board. Next, stretch them out so the fabric is also flat and smooth. Now squeeze/pour a SMALL amount of laundry detergent directly on the stained or dirty section of fabric. When applying detergent, it’s best to follow the “less is more” approach, because too much detergent will saturate your jeans to the point where it doesn’t come out (not easily, at least). Using a lightly damp washcloth, blot the stained area until it comes clean. The secret to spot cleaning denim is to blot, not scrub, the dirty area. Scrubbing will make the problem worse by digging the stain deeper into the fabric. Blotting, however, will pull the stain out, leaving behind clean denim fabric.

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