How to Wear Denim During the Summer

How to Wear Denim During the Summer

You don’t have to stop wearing denim just because it’s warm outside. While some people only wear jeans and other denim garments during the cooler of months of the year, denim can be worn year-round. Denim itself is cotton. Cotton, of course, is a relatively cool fabric that’s highly breathable.

Nonetheless, certain types of denim garments may cause discomfort when worn during the summer. You can still wear denim during the summer, but you should consider following a few tips to achieve a high level of coolness and comfort.

Choose Lightweight Denim

While all denim consists of cotton, its weight can vary. Some types of denim are heavy, for instance, whereas others are lightweight. Jeans and other garments made of heavy denim are great for the fall and winter months, but they may leave you feeling uncomfortably hot when worn during the summer.

For a higher level of coolness and comfort during the summer, choose garments made of lightweight denim. The Olympus Blue Wash Jeans sold exclusively here at MakeYourOwnJeans, for instance, are made of 10 ounces of high-quality denim. With their lightweight construction, they are perfect for the summer. You can wear them throughout the summer months without fear of them causing heat-related discomfort.

Consider a Distressed Style

Distressed denim is on the rise — and for good reason. It offers an aged, worn-in appearance that’s distinguished from traditional and non-distressed denim. More importantly perhaps, distressed denim is cooler than its non-distressed counterpart, making it ideal for the summer.

The term “distressed denim” refers to any style that’s intentionally degraded or otherwise altered from its original form during production. It can be achieved through a variety of distressing processes, some of which include sandblasting, sandpaper grinding and acid washing.

Distressed jeans are typically cooler than non-distressed jeans. When distressed, they are degraded to achieve a worn-in appearance. Distressing processes like those previously mentioned create subtle signs of wear and tear. The end result is often one or more small holes that increase the jeans’ breathability.

Go With a Light Color

Another tip to follow when wearing denim during the summer is to go with a light color. Light-colored fabrics are naturally cooler than dark-colored fabrics. They absorb less heat from the sun, thereby keeping you cooler than dark-colored fabrics.

Indigo, of course, is one of the most popular colors for jeans. Jeans have been made using indigo-colored denim for many decades. Indigo, however, consists of a dark blue color that, like other dark colors, absorbs a fair amount of heat. If you’re worried about overheating during the summer, you may want to choose garments made of light-colored denim, instead.

Some of the top light colors in which denim is made include the following:

  • Light blue
  • White
  • Green
  • Yellow

Choose a Loose-Fit Cut

You can stay cool and comfortable this summer by wearing jeans with a loose-fit cut. Loose-fit cuts are those that sit somewhat loosely on your body when worn. In other words, they aren’t particularly tight, nor do they constrict your legs or waist. Loose-fit cut jeans are designed specifically to fit loosely when worn.

Of course, not all jeans have a loose-fit cut. Some of them have a tight or narrow-fit cut. The problem with a narrow-fit cut is that they don’t offer much room in which to breathe. They fit tight while subsequently trapping your body heat. During the hot summer months, you’ll probably experience a higher level of coolness and comfort by wearing loose-fit cut jeans.

Roll Up the Bottom

You can roll up the bottom of your jeans when wearing them during the summer as well. Why does this matter exactly? Well, if your jeans extend all the way to your feet, they’ll cover all of your legs. And when your legs are completely covered, you may get hot — assuming it’s hot outside. Rolling up the bottom of your jeans offers a solution.

With the bottom of your jeans rolled up, your legs will only be partially covered. Rolling up the bottom of a pair of jeans is known as “cuffing” them. You can cuff your jeans by taking 2 or 3 inches of the bottom of each pant leg and folding them up. Once cuffed, they’ll leave some of your legs exposed, thereby making the cuffed jeans cooler and more comfortable to wear during the summer.

Cuffing your jeans won’t just make them more comfortable; it will enhance their appearance. After cuffing your jeans, the interior of the pant legs will be exposed. Since the interior typically features a lighter color than the exterior, it will create a contrasting appearance. This is just one more reason to consider cuffing your jeans during the summer.

Diversify With Denim Shorts

Jeans aren’t the only type of garment made of denim. You can find shorts made of denim as well. Known as jean shorts or denim shorts, they are an excellent choice for the summer. Denim shorts are made of the same high-quality, cotton-based denim as jeans. The only difference is that they are shorts, whereas jeans are full-length pants.

You can find denim shorts available in different cuts. Like jeans, some of them have a loose-fit cut, and others have a narrow-fit cut. For the summer, you choose denim shorts in the former type of cut. Loose-fit cut denim shorts have a baggier construction that makes them more comfortable to wear during the summer.

In Conclusion

Contrary to common belief, you don’t have to stop wearing denim just because it’s warm outside. You can wear denim during the summer; you just need to follow these tips. Choosing lightweight denim in a distressed style, a light color and a loose-fit cut are a few easy ways to incorporate denim into your summer outfits. You can also roll up the bottom up of your jeans while diversifying your outfits with denim shorts.

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