Jeans or Khakis: Which Should I Wear?

Jeans or Khakis: Which Should I Wear?

Can’t seem to choose between wearing jeans or khakis? There’s no denying the fact that these are two of the most popular pant types on the market. Featuring a denim construction, jeans are highly durable and able to withstand just about anything you have to throw their way. On the other hand, khakis offer a slightly more formal appearance that many men and women prefer, especially if the occasion calls for formal clothing. But there are other things to consider when choosing between jeans and khakis. So if you’re struggling to choose between the two, keep reading for a side-by-side comparison on these two popular pant types, as we reveal which one comes out on top as the winner.

Strength and Durability

In terms of strength and durability, it should come as little-to-no surprise to learn that jeans are the clear winner. They’ve been around for more than a century, with roots dating back to the California Gold Rush. Sure, khakis have also been around for a while, but jeans were specifically made to withstand the wear and tear of gold prospecting. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing they will hold up everyday use.

Jeans are particularly strong and durable thanks to their denim construction. Denim is made with an emphasis on strength, consisting of super-strong cotton that’s woven together to form a highly durable fabric. This fabric is then used to create jeans, transferring its strength to the wearer. If you plan on engaging in an outdoor activity that calls for a durable pair of pants, jeans are the way to go. You simply won’t find another type of pants that offers the same level of strength and durability as jeans, making them the preferred choice for outdoor activities.

Stretch Fabric

You might be surprised to learn that both jeans and khakis are available in “stretch” fabrics. As the name suggests, stretch fabrics like polyester give these pants greater elasticity, meaning you can pull and stretch them without causing any damage. Most people can’t tell the difference between stretch and regular fabrics simply by looking at them. But when you feel the two fabrics with your hands, you’ll notice that stretch fabrics are softer than its non-stretch counterpart.

Stretch fabric has become increasingly popular in recent years — a trend that will likely continue in the months to follow. Thankfully, you can find both jeans and khakis available in stretch fabrics. Stretch jeans and stretch khakis aren’t made of 100% elastic materials, however. Rather, they are made with traditional denim, cotton or linen, along with a small percentage of added stretch fabric. Just a small amount of stretch fabric gives the garment a significant amount of elastic properties.



You’ll find both jeans and khakis are available in a wide range of colors. Regardless of your personal style or preference, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a specific color. With that said, jeans are typically made in indigo and light blue colors, which are by large and far the most popular colors for jeans. Khakis, on the other hand, are typically made in a beige/khaki color.

Does this mean that jeans are only available in blue and khakis are only available in beige? Not necessarily, as you can find these two popular garments available in many other colors. Jeans, for instance, are often made in red, black and even yellow denim. It’s still the same strong and durable denim that’s used in traditional blue-colored jeans. But instead of featuring the traditional blue color, they are made with alternative colors. Khakis are also available in a wide range of colors, so feel free to choose a non-traditional color if you are trying to achieve a unique look that makes you stand out from the crowd.


In terms of price, both jeans and khakis are priced fairly equal. The overall quality will ultimately affect the price more than it being jeans or khakis. For instance, a high-quality pair of jeans will cost more than a low-quality pair of khakis. And vise-versa. Don’t worry too much about the price when choosing between these two garments, and instead base your decision on other factors, such as when and how you intended to wear them.


One of the perks of choosing jeans is the vast array of styles in which they are available. Some of the most popular styles include boot-cut, skinny-leg, straight leg, low-rise and relaxed-fit, each of which has its own unique characteristics. Khakis are also available in a wide range of styles, although you’ll use find jeans have a larger selection.

What About Chinos?

Of course, a third pant type to consider as well: chinos. It’s a common assumption that khakis and chinos are the same, simply because they look very similar in terms of appearance. But if you inspect the two pant types a little more closely, you’ll see subtle nuances between then. Khakis, for instance, are generally constructed with the stitching visible, whereas chinos are made with the stitching concealed. This is a subtle difference, but it’s still something that men and women should consider when choosing between the two. If you want a more formal appearance, stick with chinos. They typically come with a higher price tag, but the increased formal appearance they offer makes it well worth the investment.

Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of the differences between jeans and khakis. Jeans are made with of denim, featuring an ultra-strong and durable construction, whereas khakis are typically made of cotton or linen. Both pants are equal in terms of versatility and style. If you can’t seem to choose between the two, why not add them both to your wardrobe? Some occasions will call for jeans, but others will call for khakis. Having them both readily available in your wardrobe provides greater freedom over your look — and that’s something that everyone should strive for.

So, which pants do you prefer to wear? Jeans or khakis?

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