The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Stretch Jeans

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Stretch Jeans

Not all jeans are made of the same type of denim. Some are made with a special type of elastic denim. Known as stretch jeans, they’ve become a popular choice among men and women alike in recent years. Stretch jeans look like regular jeans, but they contain an elastic material like spandex or polyester in addition to denim. As a result, they can flex and stretch without breaking or otherwise succumbing to damage. If you’re thinking about purchasing a pair of stretch jeans, though, you should follow these dos and don’ts to choose the perfect pair for your needs.

Do Check the Label

When shopping for stretch jeans, check the label to see what exactly they are made of. True stretch jeans are made of both denim as well as an elastic material. If a pair of jeans says “100% denim,” they aren’t stretch jeans, nor will they offer the benefits of stretch denim. You can find out what a pair of jeans are made of by checking the label inside the waistband. Stretch jeans typically have about 3% to 5% spandex or polyester, with the remaining material being denim.

Don’t Purchase the Wrong Size

A common mistake men and women make when choosing stretch jeans is purchasing the wrong size. They assume that because they normally wear a specific size in jeans, they’ll wear the same size in stretch jeans. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Even if you wear a small, medium or large in other jeans, you may wear a completely different size in stretch jeans.

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Do Stick With a Versatile Color

To get the most use and value out of your stretch jeans, it’s recommended that you stick with a versatile color. In other words, you should probably avoid choosing yellow or red stretch jeans. Instead, choose a more basic and versatile color like blue or black. Versatile colors such as blue and black offer a higher level of utility, allowing you to wear them with more garments and accessories. If you choose a bold color, on the other hand, you may struggle to include the stretch jeans in your outfits.

Don’t Purchase Low-Quality Stretch Jeans

The quality of stretch jeans varies depending on the manufacturer as well as other factors. Attempting to save a couple bucks by purchasing low-quality stretch jeans will only backfire. Granted, they may cost less than higher-quality, better-made stretch jeans, but they’ll also degrade more quickly. As a result, you’ll have to pay more money to replace low-quality jeans. For the greatest value, spend the extra money on high-quality stretch jeans made by a reputable manufacturer.

Do Consider Selvedge Denim

You may discover that some stretch jeans are made of selvedge denim. Technically, selvedge denim isn’t a specific type of denim. Rather, the term “selvedge denim” refers to jeans in which the bottom of each pant leg is cuffed. To make selvedge stretch jeans, manufacturers take a few inches of the fabric at the bottom of each pant leg and fold them upwards. In addition to creating a stylish appearance, this naturally protects the bottom of the jeans from wear and tear. For these reasons and others, you should consider selvedge denim when shopping for a pair of stretch jeans.

How do you know if a pair of stretch jeans are made of selvedge denim? The easiest way is to check the bottom of the pant legs. As previously mentioned, selvedge denim jeans are characterized by a folding section of fabric at the bottom of each pant leg. If you see the fabric folded and sew into the bottom of the pant legs, the stretch jeans are made of selvedge denim.

Don’t Get the Wrong Style

Stretch jeans are available in a variety of styles, and it’s important to choose the right style for your personal preference. The most basic style consists of a traditional single color without any fading or aesthetic marks. While there’s nothing wrong with a basic style such as this, you should explore other styles when choosing stretch jeans. Some men and women, for example, prefer distressed stretch jeans, which live up to their namesake by featuring a worn and rugged appearance. You can also find stretch jeans available with a faded appearance. The bottom line is that you should consider all the styles in which stretch jeans are sold to select the one that’s right for you.

Do Pay Attention to Caring and Maintenance Requirements

Don’t forget to check the caring and maintenance requirements when choosing a pair of stretch jeans. Jeans are generally easy to clean and maintain, requiring nothing more than running them through a washing machine with water and detergent. Stretch jeans, however, often require hand-washing because of their construction. Since stretch jeans contain an elastic material, such as polyester or elastic, cleaning them in the washing machine could damage them.

To protect your stretch jeans from damage, you need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to care for them. If the manufacturer recommends hand-washing, avoid placing your stretch jeans in the washing machine and instead wash them by hand.

Don’t Assume Dry Denim Is Better Than Washed

Like all other jeans, stretch jeans are available in either washed or dry denim. Some people assume that dry denim is better than washed since it features a darker tone. However, washed denim is often a better choice for several reasons. First, stretch jeans made of washed denim are less likely to shrink than those made of dry denim. Second, washed denim retains its color more easily than dry denim. Third, stretch jeans made of washed denim are typically stronger and less likely to rip or tear than those made of dry denim.

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