Upgrade Your Jeans With an iPhone Coin Pocket

Upgrade Your Jeans With an iPhone Coin Pocket

Do you own an iPhone? If so, you may want to choose a pair of jeans with an iPhone coin pocket. Apple’s signature handset has become increasingly popular. Statistics show that over 1.5 billion iPhones have been sold since 2007. Regardless of which model you own, an iPhone coin pocket will offer a safe and convenient place to store your iPhone. What is an iPhone coin pocket exactly, and why you should upgrade your jeans with it?

What Is an iPhone Coin Pocket?

An iPhone coin pocket is a small, secondary pocket that’s designed to hold an iPhone. They are found inside of a primary front pocket on a pair of jeans. An iPhone coin pocket is simply a smaller pocket that lives up to its namesake by supporting an iPhone. You can tuck your iPhone into an iPhone coin pocket rather than holding or otherwise carrying it in your hands.

iPhone coin pockets are made of the same denim material as jeans. They are integrated directly into the front pockets of jeans.

Standard Coin Pockets vs iPhone Coin Pockets

Pockets are a common feature on nearly all types of jeans. Ever since they were invented more than a century ago, jeans have featured pockets. When inspecting a typical pair of jeans, you’ll usually find four main pockets — two on the front and two on the back. In addition to these four main pockets, though, most jeans have two smaller pockets, which are known as coin pockets.

The coin pockets are found inside of the two main pockets on the front. They are also known as pocketwatch pockets. Jeans were invented around the turn of the 20th century. Back then, of course, most people didn’t have smartphones, nor did they have wristwatches. To keep track of the time, they carried pocket watches. Denim manufacturers added coin pockets or pocketwatch patches to their jeans so that people could store their pocket watches in them.

The difference between standard coin pockets and iPhone coin pockets lies in their respective size. They are both small, secondary pockets on jeans. Standard coin pockets are simply smaller, whereas iPhone coin pockets are slightly larger. iPhone coin pockets are designed with a slightly larger size so that they can accommodate modern-day iPhones.

Benefits of iPhone Coin Pockets

By choosing jeans with an iPhone coin pocket, you can rest assured knowing that you can easily store and carry your iPhone. iPhone coin pockets are designed specifically to hold the smartphone of their namesake.

You can use an iPhone coin pocket to store and carry your iPhone. After all, they are designed specifically to accommodate an iPhone. The problem with standard coin pockets is that they are generally too small for an iPhone. You can place coins, as well as a pocket watch, inside of them. But you can’t place an iPhone inside of a standard coin pocket. To store an iPhone, you’ll need to choose jeans with an iPhone coin pocket.

You won’t need to carry as many accessories if your jeans feature an iPhone coin pocket. Many women, for instance, carry a handbag so that they can store their iPhone in it. Men, on the other hand, may carry a suitcase for this purpose. With an iPhone coin pocket, you won’t need accessories such as these. As long as your jeans have an iPhone coin pocket, they’ll accommodate your iPhone.

Jeans with an iPhone coin pocket are unique. All jeans have pockets, but most of them have standard pockets consisting of four primary pockets and two standard coin pockets. If you’re looking for a change, you may want to choose jeans with an iPhone coin pocket.

With an iPhone coin pocket, you can enhance your jeans with a touch of color. All iPhones are colored. Some of them are white, whereas others are black or red. When placed inside of an iPhone coin pocket, your iPhone will add its respective color to your jeans. The top of your iPhone will protrude out of the pocket, resulting in a more colorful pair of jeans. These are just a few benefits of choosing jeans with an iPhone coin pocket.

Tips on Choosing Jeans With an iPhone Coin Pocket

It’s important to note that most jeans don’t feature an iPhone coin pocket. Rather, they are designed with standard coin pockets, which are smaller than their iPhone coin pocket counterparts.

You can still choose jeans with an iPhone coin pocket, but you’ll need to know what to look for. Avoid choosing jeans that feature standard coin pockets. Instead, choose jeans that are specifically designed with one or more iPhone coin pockets.

Even with an iPhone coin pocket, you’ll need to choose jeans in the right size. You won’t get much use out of a new pair of jeans unless they fit right. Jeans that are too big or too small won’t look right when worn. To make matters worse, they may cause discomfort. For the perfect fit, consider ordering a pair of custom-sized jeans. You can find custom-sized jeans with an iPhone coin pocket here at MakeYourOwnJeans.

You should also choose jeans in an appropriate color. Keep in mind that your iPhone will add color to your jeans. Therefore, you should choose jeans that will complement the color of your iPhone. You can always go with a traditional color. Light blue and indigo blue are two of the most popular traditional colors in which jeans are made. Alternatively, you can choose jeans in red or black. Just remember to stick with a color that matches your iPhone.

In Conclusion

You can store your iPhone in most types of pockets. Some pockets, though, are designed specifically for iPhones. Known as iPhone coin pockets, they feature the perfect shape and size for Apple’s handset. iPhone coin pcokets are available for premium jeans, including the jeans sold here at MakeYourOwnJeans.

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