What Are Cropped Jeans?

What Are Cropped Jeans?

Jeans are available in dozens of different styles, one of which is cropped. Cropped jeans are still made of denim. Denim, of course, is what distinguishes jeans from other types of trousers. Cropped jeans, however, feature a unique design that makes them a popular choice. If you’re looking to change up your daily outfits, you should consider investing in a pair of cropped jeans. To learn more about cropped jeans, including their advantages and disadvantages, keep readings.

Overview of Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans are denim trousers that don’t fully extend all the way to your feet or ankles when worn. Rather, they typically extend to your shins when worn. The term “cropped” means “cut off” or “cut short.” Cropped jeans follow this same principle. They are jeans that have been cut short so that they only extend to your shins when worn.

It’s important to note that cropped jeans aren’t the same as denim shorts. While they are both made of denim, cropped jeans are longer than shorts. Denim shorts typically extend to your knees or higher when worn. In comparison, cropped jeans always extend past your knees when worn. You can expect most cropped jeans to extend to your shins when worn.

Advantages of Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans offer a unique alternative to traditional jeans. Traditional jeans, of course, all have a similar appearance. You can find them in different cuts and colors, but they all have a similar appearance that’s defined by their full-length construction. Cropped jeans are different in the sense that they only shorter. They aren’t as short as denim shorts, but cropped jeans are still visibly shorter than jeans. With their shorter length, they offer a unique appearance that stands out from traditional jeans.

During the summer, cropped jeans can keep you cool. The summer weather can make it difficult to wear full-length trousers, including jeans. Jeans will cover your entire legs so that your body isn’t able to release its heat. Cropped jeans offer a solution. They’ll leave the bottom of your legs exposed. In turn, they’ll keep you cool even when it’s hot outside.

You don’t have to worry about your cropped jeans dragging on the ground. With traditional jeans, the bottom of the pant legs may drag on the ground. Over time, this can cause them to fray and degrade. Since cropped jeans only extent to your shins when worn, there’s little or no risk of them dragging on the ground.

Cropped jeans allow you to show off your footwear. They’ll draw attention to your footwear while offering a unique style. Traditional jeans, conversely, may conceal your footwear. This is particularly true for wide-legged jeans that extend over the top of your shoes or boots. With cropped jeans, you can draw attention to your footwear.

Disadvantages of Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans aren’t suitable for all occasions. With their partial-length construction, they should only be worn for casual occasions. For other occasions, you may need to choose a different style of trousers, such as full-length indigo jeans.

You’ll have to ensure that cropped jeans are the right size. If they are too short, they may not extend all the way to your shins when worn. Instead, the cropped jeans may stop around your knees, which can result in an awkward appearance.

Some people simply prefer traditional jeans over cropped jeans. Traditional jeans, in fact, are the most common type of trousers. Research shows that the average person owns over a half-dozen pairs of traditional jeans. If you fall under this category, you may want to stick with traditional jeans. For a more unique appearance, though, you can invest in a pair of cropped jeans.

How to Choose Cropped Jeans

You should consider the length when choosing cropped jeans. As previously mentioned, cropped jeans are characterized by their shorter-than-average length. Most of them only extend to your shins when worn. Nonetheless, you can find them in different lengths.

Don’t forget to choose a pair of cropped jeans in the right color. Blue is the most common color in which all jeans are made. Both traditional jeans as well as cropped jeans are often made of blue-dyed denim. With a pair of blue cropped jeans, you’ll have the freedom to wear most other clothes and accessories with them. Blue matches most other colors. Therefore, you can wear blue cropped jeans in most of your outfits.

Of course, you aren’t limited to choosing blue cropped jeans. You can find cropped jeans in other colors. Some people prefer black cropped jeans. Black offers a deeper and more modern appearance than blue. Other colors in which cropped jeans are made include white, red, green, yellow and more.

You can find cropped jeans made of raw and washed denim. Raw denim is simply dry denim that isn’t washed during production. Washed denim, on the other hand, lives up to its namesake by being washed during production. Cropped jeans made of raw denim typically feature a darker color, whereas cropped jeans made of washed denim have a lighter color and better protection against shrinkage and fading.

There are also cropped jeans made of stretch denim. Stretch denim is a hybrid material that consists mostly of denim with a small amount of polyester or lycra. Polyester and lycra are elastic materials. When mixed with denim, they offer a stretchy texture that’s synonymous with stretch denim. Cropped jeans made of stretch denim look similar to those made of regular denim. The difference is that stretch denim makes them stretchy because it contains an elastic material.

In Conclusion

Cropped jeans are simply short-length jeans. While traditional jeans extend to your feet or ankles when worn, cropped jeans only extend to your shins. With their short length, they offer several advantages. Some of the top reasons to consider wearing cropped jeans include a unique style, increased comfort during the summer, no risk of dragging on the ground and the ability to show off your footwear.

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