What Are Knee Joint Jeans?

What Are Knee Joint Jeans?

Jeans have evolved since their origins in the late 19th century. They are still made of denim, and they are still available in classic colors like light blue and indigo. However, you can now find jeans in alternative styles, including knee joint. Knee joint jeans offer a modern take on this otherwise classic garment. If you’re looking tired of wearing the same jeans day after day, you may want to upgrade your wardrobe with a pair of knee joint jeans.

The Basics of Knee Joint Jeans

Available for sale here at MakeYourOwnJeans, knee joint jeans are characterized by the presence of joint at the knee. The joint is essentially a section of denim fabric that’s added to the knee. All knee joint jeans have this additional section of fabric. It creates a joint at the knee that allows for greater flexibility when moving and bending your legs.

Knee Joint Jeans vs Traditional Jeans: What’s the Difference?

Knee joint jeans may look like traditional, ordinary jeans. After all, they are made of denim — just like all jeans. Knee joint jeans, however, differ from traditional jeans thanks to their knee joint.

Traditional jeans are typically made of a single and solid piece of denim that runs through the legs. They don’t have any added sections of fabric in the legs. Instead, traditional jeans consist of a single piece of denim that starts at the waistline and ends at the hem (the bottom of the pant legs). Knee joint jeans differ in the sense that they feature an added section of fabric. As previously mentioned, knee joint jeans have a panel of denim added to the knee.

Benefits of Knee Joint Jeans

Why should you choose knee joint jeans over traditional jeans exactly? The main benefit of knee joint joints is flexibility. They are more flexible at the knee than traditional jeans. Knee joint jeans feature a panel of denim that’s sewn into the knees, thereby creating a joint. Each knee has this characteristic joint. This means you can comfortably move and bend your legs.

Knee joint jeans also offer a unique appearance when compared to traditional jeans. The added patch at the knee is noticeable. It creates a unique appearance that distinguishes knee joint jeans from traditional jeans. For a fresh appearance, you may want to include knee joint jeans in your daily outfits. Of course, you’ll need to choose the right knee joint jeans to take advantage of their benefits.

Consider a Cargo Style

Knee joint jeans are available in cargo styles. If you’re going to buy a pair of knee joint jeans, you may want to consider a cargo style. Cargo styles, of course, feature deep pockets. Known as cargo pockets, they are found on the sides of the jeans.

Cargo knee joint jeans still have an added section of fabric at the knee. They simply have cargo pockets on the sides as well. With cargo pockets, you’ll be able to carry and store more items inside of them. All jeans have pockets. Traditional jeans, though, typically have small and shallow pockets. Cargo knee joint jeans offer larger and deeper pockets, making them preferable for certain activities.

Check the Weight

When shopping for a pair of knee joint jeans, check the weight. The weight of knee joint jeans may vary. They are all made of denim. Some knee joint jeans, though, are made of more denim than others. The amount of denim used in their construction will determine how much they weigh.

Generally speaking, heavier knee joint jeans are stronger and more durable than their lightweight counterparts. They are made of more denim. As a result, they can withstand more stress without tearing or otherwise sustaining damage. If you’re worried that your knee joint jeans will quickly degrade when worn, choose a heavyweight pair that are made of a lot of denim.

Washed vs Raw

Knee joints are available in washed and raw denim. Washed denim and raw denim still consist of cotton. All denim, in fact, is made of cotton. Denim is simply cotton with a particular warp-faced weaving pattern. But you can find knee joint jeans — as well as other types of jeans — in washed and raw denim.

Washed denim simply means that the fabric was washed during production. Manufacturers submerge the denim in water, resulting in washed denim. Dry denim, as you may have guessed, is not washed during production. It’s produced using cotton, after which it’s immediately used to construct a pair of knee joint jeans.

There are advantages to both washed and raw denim. Knee joint jeans made of washed denim are typically softer and better protected from fading as well as shrinking. Knee joint jeans made of raw denim, on the other hand, tend to feature a darker color. You can choose knee joint jeans made of either washed or raw denim. Simply consider their respective advantages to determine which denim type is best suited for your needs.

Find the Right Size

You can’t expect a pair of knee joint jeans to fit comfortably if they are too big or too small. Knee joint jeans typically offer a higher level of comfort than traditional jeans. This is particularly true when performing physical activities. You can wear knee joint jeans when running, jogging, working outdoors and performing other physical activities. With the added section of fabric in the knee, they’ll flex as you bend and move your legs. For the highest level of comfort, however, you need to choose knee joint jeans in the right size for your body.

Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping that a pair of knee joint jeans will fit right, you should opt for custom sizing. Custom sizing means that the knee joint jeans will be made using your body measurements. You can order custom-sized knee joint jeans here at MakeYourOwnJeans. When placing an order, you can enter your body measurements. Just remember to double-check your body measurements before submitting your order. As long as you include accurate measurements, the knee joint jeans will fit perfectly.

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