What Are ‘Whisker’ Jeans?

What Are ‘Whisker’ Jeans?

When shopping for a new pair of jeans, you may come across the term “whiskers.” Jeans with whiskers, known as whisker jeans, have become increasingly popular among men and women alike in recent years. To the unsuspecting eye, however, they look like any other pair of jeans. While whisker jeans are made of the same denim material as other jeans, they aren’t necessarily the same. If you’re trying to grasp the concept of whisker jeans, keep reading to learn more about this modern denim style and why it’s become so popular.

The Basics of Whisker Jeans: What You Know

Whisker jeans are denim jeans that feature thin vertical lines of fading on the front. These lines of fading are called “whiskers” because, as you may have guessed, they look like whiskers. The lines are vertical, but they often expand outwards towards the bottom of the jeans. As a result, they look like whiskers — and jeans featuring these lines are known as “whisker jeans.”

You can easily distinguish between whisker jeans and traditional non-whisker jeans by looking for lines of fading. Whisker jeans generally have small but noticeable lines of fading on the front, with most of the whiskers occurring around the crotch area. In comparison, non-whisker jeans lack these lines of fading. Some non-whisker jeans may still have areas of fading, but they don’t have these same whisker-like lines of fading.

The Benefits of Whisker Jeans

Why should you choose whisker jeans exactly? Well, you can find premium, high-quality jeans either with or without whiskers. With that said, the presence of whiskers offers a few noteworthy benefits.

First, whisker jeans offer a natural vintage appearance. Over time, it’s not uncommon for a pair of new jeans to develop lines of fading on the front. If you wear a pair of jeans for a year or longer, you can expect some whiskers to form on the front. Rather than waiting this length of time, though, you can achieve the exact same style by purchasing and wearing a pair of whisker jeans.

Second, whisker jeans are less likely to bleed colors than traditional non-whisker jeans. To create whiskers, denim manufacturers must wash and artificially fade their jeans. As a result, the dye within whisker jeans sets.

Third, you can expect to pay the same price or roughly the same price for whisker jeans as traditional jeans. Stores generally don’t mark up the price of whisker jeans. Rather, they sell them at roughly the same price as their traditional non-whisker jeans.

Some people may even find that whisker jeans are softer and more comfortable than traditional non-whisker jeans. Since whisker jeans are washed and artificially faded, they are particularly soft. If you’re searching for a super-soft pair of jeans that you can comfortably wear all day long, you can’t go wrong with whisker jeans. These are just a few benefits of choosing whisker jeans.

Where to Buy Whisker Jeans

Now that you know the benefits of whisker jeans, you might be wondering which stores sell them. You can always check a local apparel store or shopping mall in your area, but this doesn’t always work. Although they are popular, whisker jeans aren’t sold by all stores.

The good news is that you can easily find whisker jeans by shopping here at MakeYourOwnJeans. The Blue Hard Wash Whisker Jeans, for example, are manufactured using a hard washing technique to create the appearance of whiskers on the front. They feature five pockets with reinforced rivets and heavy-duty buttons.

If you prefer whisker jeans in a lighter tone, check out the Blue Stone Wash Whisker Jeans. Also available for sale here at MakeOwnJeans, they feature a lighter tone than the Blue Hard Wash Whisker Jeans. Both styles still have whiskers on the front, but the Blue Stone Wash Whisker Jeans have a lighter, stone-washed appearance.

Things to Consider When Shopping for Whisker Jeans

When shopping for whisker jeans, consider the placement of the whiskers and how it affects the appearance of the jeans. As previously mentioned, most whiskers are placed on the front of the jeans, typically around the crotch area. However, you’ll find other whisker jeans with the whiskers placed in other areas.

Something else to consider when shopping for whisker jeans is the size. If your whisker jeans don’t fit, you probably won’t wear them very often. And when you do wear them, you can expect some degree of discomfort. By choosing whisker jeans in the right size, you can rest assured knowing that won’t cause discomfort when worn.

Of course, you should consider the color when shopping for whisker jeans. Like with most other jeans, blue is the most common color in which whisker jeans are made. However, you can still find them in other colors like black, white, red, green and countless other colors. So, don’t limit yourself to choosing a light blue or indigo pair of whisker jeans. If you’re feeling bold and want to make a fashion statement, consider a bold color.

Other Patterns of Fading

In addition to whiskers, you can find denim jeans featuring other patterns of fading. Honeycombs, for example, consist of interlocking lines of fading that resemble honeycombs, whereas train tracks consist of parallel lines of fading that resemble train tracks. Of all the different patterns of fading, though, whiskers are the most popular because of their simple yet attractive design.

The Bottom Line on Whisker Jeans

Whisker jeans are just like any other pair of jeans, with the only exception being that they have lines of pattern on the front. The lines of fading usually expand outwards to create the appearance of whiskers. Although it’s a subtle difference, it can greatly affect the style and overall performance of your jeans. But if you’re going to purchase a pair of whisker jeans, make sure you choose a premium, high-quality pair. Otherwise, you may be forced to replace them just a few months later.

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