What Is a Prewashed Denim Jacket?

What Is a Prewashed Denim Jacket?

Denim jackets continue to rank as one of the most popular types of men’s and women’s outerwear. As their name suggests, they are made of denim. All denim jackets are made of denim. When shopping for a denim, though, you may discover that some of them are prewashed. Prewashed denim jackets are still made of denim, but they differ from raw or dry denim jackets in several ways. What is a prewashed denim jacket exactly?

Overview of Prewashed Denim Jackets

Denim jackets can be classified according to the type of denim from which they are made. Prewashed denim jackets are made of denim that’s washed during production. They are still constructed of cotton; all denim consists of cotton. Prewashed simply means that the denim is washed in hot water during production.

Prewashed denim jackets are also known as washed denim jackets. In addition to prewashed denim jackets, there are raw denim jackets. Raw denim jackets are not washed during production. They are constructed of the same cotton-based denim as their washed counterparts, but they aren’t washed during production. Instead, raw denim jackets are produced and sold without undergoing a washing process.

Understanding the Washing Process

Denim jackets are washed to achieve a naturally aged, worn-in appearance. Different manufacturers use different washing processes for their respective denim jackets and other denim garments, such as jeans. While there are nuances between these washing processes, most of them involve hot water.

When producing a prewashed denim jacket, manufacturers will submerge it in a bath of hot water, which may or may not contain chemicals. Chemicals are oftentimes added to help accelerate the washing process. The chemicals will break down the denim to achieve a softer texture and a more worn-in appearance. Even without chemicals, though, exposure to hot water is enough to break in the denim jacket.

After allowing the denim jacket to soak in the hot water for a given period, manufacturers will remove it. The denim jacket will then be allowed to dry. The end result is a prewashed denim jacket. Prewashed denim jackets are defined by their use of water-soaked, washed denim. Dry denim jacket, on the other hand, are made of raw denim that hasn’t been soaked or otherwise washed during production.

Common Characteristics of Prewashed Denim Jackets

Because they are soaked in hot water, prewashed denim jackets are resistant to shrinkage. They are less likely to shrink than dry denim jackets. If you’re looking to buy a new denim jacket but are worried that it will shrink when washed and dried, you should choose a prewashed denim jacket. When soaked in hot water, denim will contract. This contraction will essentially protect the denim from shrinking in the future.

You may discover that prewashed denim jackets are softer than raw denim jackets. Whether prewashed or dry, all denim jackets are soft. They are made of cotton, and cotton is regarded as one of the softest organic fabrics on the planet. But preashed denim jackets are almost always softer than dry denim jackets.

With their super-soft texture, prewashed denim jackets are comfortable to wear. You can rest assured knowing that they won’t irritate your skin. They aren’t rough or scratchy. After being soaked in hot water, denim develops a gentle surface that’s soft and comfortable to wear. You can include a prewashed denim jacket in your outfits day after day. Regardless of how often you wear it, the prewashed denim jacket will continue to offer a high level of comfort.

How to Choose a Prewashed Denim Jacket

You can find prewashed denim jackets in different colors. Some of them are made of blue-dyed denim. You can find them in light blue and indigo blue colors, the latter of which offers a more modern appearance. With that said, prewashed denim jackets aren’t limited to blue. You can find them in other colors.

When choosing a prewashed denim jacket, you should consider the weight of the denim from which it’s made. The weight of the denim will determine the thickness of the prewashed denim jacket. A denim jacket that’s made of 12 ounces of denim will likely be thicker than denim jacket that’s made of 8 ounces of denim.

If you’re going to invest in a prewashed denim jacket, you should get the right size. There’s nothing worse than buying a new jacket — or any garment for that matter — only to discover that it doesn’t fit. How do you know whether a prewashed denim jacket will fit exactly? The easiest solution is to order a custom-sized prewashed denim jacket.

Here at MakeYourOwnJeans, we offer prewashed denim jackets in custom sizes. You don’t have to choose a generic size. Instead, you can enter your own body measurements when ordering a prewashed denim jacket. With a custom-sized prewashed denim jacket, you’ll get the perfect size. It won’t be too big, nor will it be too small. The custom-sized prewashed denim jacket will fit your body perfectly.

Tips to Maintain a Prewashed Denim Jacket

Like all denim garments, prewashed denim jackets are easy to maintain. Denim is an organic fabric. It’s essentially cotton with a particular weaving pattern. And because denim is an organic fabric, it’s easy to clean.

You can spot clean a prewashed denim jacket with a damp washcloth and gentle dish soap. Just run a washcloth under luke-warm water for a few seconds, ring out any excess water and then add a few drops of dish soap to it. Using this damp and soapy washcloth, blot the surface of your prewashed denim jacket until it comes clean.

There are different ways you can dry a prewashed denim jacket, but the easiest is line drying. Line drying involves hanging the prewashed denim jacket on a line to dry. As the prewashed denim jacket is exposed to the air and sun, it will dry. Line drying takes a little longer than machine machine, but it’s a safer drying technique that won’t expose your garments to mechanical stress.

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