What’s the Best Way to Pack Jeans in Luggage?

What’s the Best Way to Pack Jeans in Luggage?

If you’re planning to go out of town for one or more consecutive days, you’ll probably want to bring a pair of jeans. Jeans aren’t just comfortable; they are versatile. You can wear them in nearly all of your casual outfits without fear of them clashing with your other garments or accessories. With that said, you shouldn’t just toss them in your luggage. To conserve space while simultaneously protecting your jeans from wrinkles, you should follow some basic precautions when packing your jeans in luggage. What’s the best way to pack jeans in luggage exactly?

Avoid Sealed Bags

When packing your jeans in luggage, avoid using sealed bags. Some people place their jeans inside of a sealed bag, after which they place the bag in their luggage. While using a sealed bag may sound harmless, it’s generally a bad idea.

If you store your jeans inside of a sealed bag, they won’t be able to breathe. Sealed bags don’t provide airflow. Rather, they offer an enclosed environment in which your jeans will remain stuck with the stagnant air. If there’s moisture inside of the sealed bag, your jeans may absorb it. Depending on how long you keep your jeans inside of the sealed bag, exposure to this moisture may cause them to develop mildew. You can keep your jeans clean and mildew free by packing them directly in your luggage without using a sealed bag.

Wash and Dry Beforehand

Always wash and dry your jeans before packing them in luggage. You don’t want to travel with a pair of dirty jeans. If your jeans are dirty, they may stain some of the other garments and accessories in your luggage. Some of the dirt on your jeans may brush off, resulting in your other garments and accessories becoming dirty.

Prior to packing your luggage, run your jeans through the washing machine and dryer. You don’t have to wash and dry them multiple times. Rather, running them through the washing machine and dryer a single time should suffice. Your jeans will be clean and dry, so they won’t harm the other garments and accessories in your luggage.

Fold Along the Seams

After washing and drying your jeans, you’ll need to fold them. There are a few different ways to fold jeans for luggage. One of the best all-around methods is to fold them along the seams. Folding your jeans along the seams will protect them from wrinkles.

To fold your jeans along the seams, lie them vertically on a flat surface, such as a table or ironing board. Next, fold one of the pant legs horizontally over the other pant legs. You can then take the bottom of your jeans and fold them to the top. Repeat this same fold so that your jeans become smaller, at which point you can place them in your luggage. Folding your jeans along the seams is a great way to preserve their original shape while protecting them from wrinkles in the process.

Keep Jeans Together

Remember to keep your jeans together when packing them in luggage. Whether you’re planning to carry two pairs of jeans or a half-dozen pairs, you should keep them all together. In other words, don’t separate your jeans with other garments. You should pack all of your jeans together in the same area of your luggage.

Why should you keep your jeans together exactly? Like most garments, jeans can bleed their colors. Bleeding is a phenomenon in which some of the dye leaks out and “bleeds” onto another garment. Unless your jeans are white, they probably contain dye. Even some white jeans, in fact, contain dye. When some of this dye leaks out of your jeans, they may bleed their respective color onto other garments in your luggage. This is why it’s a good idea to keep all of your jeans together.

Of course, some types of jeans are less likely to bleed their colors than other types of jeans. If you’re worried about bleeding colors, you may want to pack one or more pairs of washed denim jeans. Washed denim jeans, such as those sold here at MakeYourOwnJeans, offer a high level of protection against bleeding colors. They are made of prewashed denim. When compared to dry and unwashed denim, prewashed denim doesn’t contain as much loose and excess dye. Therefore, washed denim jeans are less likely to bleed their color.

Roll ‘Em Up

An alternative way to pack jeans in luggage is to roll them up. You don’t have to fold your jeans when packing them in luggage. You can roll them up into a cylinder or tube, after which you can tuck them inside of your luggage.

Rolling up your jeans offers a few advantages over folding them. It’s faster and easier, for instance, to roll up your jeans. You can take the bottom of the jeans — after folding them horizontally a single time — and then roll them into a cylinder or tube. Rolling up your jeans is also better for preventing wrinkles. If you’re tired of packing your jeans in luggage, only to discover that they develop wrinkles, you may want to roll them up, instead.

Pack Tightly

You should try to pack your jeans tightly in your luggage. In other words, don’t leave open and unfilled space around them. If your jeans are packed loosely, they may knock around.

To pack your jeans tightly, simply place other garments around them in the luggage. If you’re bringing some shirts on your trip, for example, you can place them around your jeans. You can also place socks around your jeans to fill the open space.

Packing jeans in luggage isn’t all that difficult. You can either fold them along the seams or roll them up into a cylinder or tube. Using either of these methods, you can carry all of your favoriate pairs of jeans on your trip.

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