Wheelchair Trousers

Trousers are mainly designed for style that’s visible with people in standing position. The style isn’t maintained when people sit down as the trousers stretch upwards when people sit. It gets tighter at the waist and shorter at the legs. Thus, for people using wheelchairs, who have to sit continuously on wheelchairs to move around, special kinds of trousers are required for comfort and style.

Wheel chair denim pants require a high back rise, longer leg length and darts in the seat area. These are very important for the comfort of the wearer. Elasticised waists are another feature of wheel chair trousers as they help the pants fit properly at the waist when the patient has to transfer. These pants may also have longer zip fly front and clip fastening. Wearers can choose from wide range of styles of wheelchair trousers as they come in various styles.

Drop front wheel chair trousers are very comfortable for patients who use wheelchairs and require catheters for treatment. They also help patients who need to lie down flat for dressing purposes. The length and waist design makes it a comfortable yet smart wear for patients.

Elasticised pants are very useful for the elderly or patients who have difficulty in managing zips and buttons. To maintain a smart look, belt loops are also provided so that the patient can wear belts of his/her choice.

Elastic waist trousers

Wheelchair trousers are a boon for patients who are dependent on wheelchairs for mobility as they are severely uncomfortable in regular pants. Also they can choose from various styles and are not devoid of choices. Make Your Own Jeans provides customers with the option to choose from wide range of styles and fabrics and get tailored jeans pants, chinos or shorts. Wheelchair users can also get themselves customized pants as per their requirements from Make Your Own Jeans.

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