Why Summer Is the Perfect Time for Denim Shorts

Why Summer Is the Perfect Time for Denim Shorts

With the summer season upon us, there’s no better time to update your wardrobe with a pair of high-quality denim shorts. Like jeans, they are made of denim. Denim shorts are distinguished from jeans, however, by their short length. Jeans are full-length pants that extend all the way to your ankles when worn, whereas denim shorts are partial-length pants or “shorts” that extend to your thighs or knees when worn. While you can wear them during any season, summer is the perfect time to wear denim shorts for several reasons.

Keeps You Cool

Denim shorts will keep you cool — even on otherwise hot summer days. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with wearing jeans during the summer, you may discover that they are too hot to comfortably wear. As previously mentioned, jeans cover your entire legs when worn. And with your legs completely covered, you may get hot when wearing them.

Denim shorts are a more appropriate choice of apparel for the summer season since they only cover part of your legs. They’ll leave most of your legs exposed so that you don’t feel uncomfortably hot when wearing them. This is why denim shorts are most commonly worn during the summer and not the fall or winter months.

Better Tan

In addition to keeping you cool, denim shorts allow you to get a better tan during the summer season. When wearing full-length pants, including jeans, your legs won’t be exposed to the sun. Rather, they’ll be covered. In turn, you won’t be able to get a solid and even tan on your legs. Your face, arms and other exposed parts of your body will get a tan, but your legs will remain shielded from the sun.

For a better tan this summer, you should consider wearing denim shorts. They don’t completely cover your legs. Instead, they only cover part of your legs. The exposed portion of your legs will then receive more direct sunlight that ultimately leads to a better tan. Just remember to wear sunscreen lotion to protect against sunburn.

Stretch Styles Available

You can even find denim shorts available in stretch styles. Known as stretch denim shorts, they are made of a combination of two materials: denim and an elastic material. Stretch denim shorts are essentially the same as stretch jeans, with the only exception being that they are shorts rather than full-length pants.

Some stretch denim shorts are made of denim and polyester, whereas other denim shorts are made of denim and lycra. Regardless, they are all made of a combination of denim and an elastic material. The elastic material used in their construction is responsible for giving stretch denim shorts their elastic and stretchy properties. They aren’t as rigid or stiff as traditional denim shorts. Stretch denim shorts have a stretchier construction that makes them preferrable among many men and women, especially during the summer. This is just one more reason why you should wear denim shorts during the summer season.


It’s frustrating when you buy new summer clothes, only for the garments to quickly degrade after being worn just a few times. Some garments suffer from premature degradation, in which case you get much use out of them. You may be able to wear them for three or four times, after which they’ll show signs of damage.

The good news is that denim shorts don’t suffer from premature degradation. They are made of denim, which is regarded as one of the strongest and more durable materials used in the construction of shorts. Denim is actually cotton, but it’s woven in a way that offers a superior level of protection against damage. It’s thicker and stronger than plain cotton. Therefore, denim shorts won’t break, fall apart or otherwise degrade when worn.

To make your denim shorts last, consider the following tips:

  • Turn your denim shorts inside out when washing them.
  • Choose a pair of high-quality denim shorts that are made from a reputable manufacturer, such as MakeYourOwnJeans.
  • Always wash your denim shorts with clothes and garments of the same color.
  • Inspect the fasteners on a regular basis to ensure they aren’t loose.
  • Hang your denim shorts on a line to dry.
  • Avoid exposing your denim shorts to bleach or other harsh chemicals.
  • When possible, splot clean your denim shorts by blotting stained areas until they come clean.
  • Read the care tag for specific instructions on how to wash, as well as dry, your denim shorts.


There’s no denying the fact that denim shorts are versatile. You can easily incorporate them into a variety of outfits. Some people wear denim shorts with a plain t-shirt. The combination of denim shorts and a t-shirt is a classic choice that’s guaranteed to look great. With that said, you can wear denim shorts in countless other ways.

For a dressier appearance, you may want to wear a polo or similar button-up shirt with denim shorts. Polos and button-up shirts have a more formal style than plain t-shirts. As a result, they’ll lift the formality of your denim shorts. Of course, you can explore other combinations of shirts and garments when wearing denim shorts. Denim shorts are highly versatile, so you’ll have the freedom to wear them with countless other shirts and garments.


You can easily layer denim shorts with other garments. What is layering, and why does it matter exactly? Layering refers to the use of multiple garments worn over each other. It’s called “layering” because either garment essentially acts as a layer.

To layer denim shorts, you’ll need to wear something underneath them. During the relatively cool summer evenings and nights, many women layer their denim shorts with leggings. They don’t just wear denim shorts. Rather, they wear leggings underneath their denim shorts. The use of leggings adds a visual touch that enhances the appearance of denim shorts.

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