Why Your Jeans Are Uncomfortable (and How to Fix It)

Why Your Jeans Are Uncomfortable (and How to Fix It)

Statistics show the worldwide denim market is currently valued at approximately $51.6 billion, with demand growing year over year at an average rate of 5%. According to a poll conducted by ShopSmart, the average woman in the United States owns more than a half a dozen pairs of denim jeans. But just because you own six, seven or even eight pairs doesn’t necessarily mean that you wear them all. On the contrary, many men and women own jeans they don’t wear, simply because they aren’t comfortable.

It’s frustrating when you spend your hard-earned money on a new pair of jeans, only to let them gather dust at the top of your closet. If the jeans aren’t comfortable, however, you probably aren’t going to wear them. It’s just that simple. The good news is that you can avoid problems such as these by understanding common reasons why jeans are uncomfortable in the first place.

It’s The Wrong Cut

Denim jeans are made in dozens of different cuts, each of which has its own unique characteristics — and choosing the wrong cut could make them uncomfortable to wear. Skinny jeans, for instance, run straight through thighs, narrowing towards the bottom. While some men and women prefer the slim-fitted look of skinny leg jeans, they can also be restricting. Skinny jeans have limited space in the legs and waist, preventing you from moving around easily.

If you own a pair of skinny jeans that aren’t uncomfortable to wear, consider choosing a more open cut instead. Relaxed fit jeans, for instance, aren’t as restricting, which is why many people prefer them over their skinny counterpart. Of course, there are countless other denim cuts from which to choose, so don’t limit yourself to only choosing skinny or relaxed fit.

Low-Quality Denim

Not all jeans are made with the same quality denim. Some companies use cheap, low-quality denim in the construction of their jeans. Unfortunately, this lack of quality shows from the moment you first wear them. Jeans made of low-quality denim materials are rough, abrasive and downright uncomfortable to wear. Thankfully, however, this isn’t a problem with high-quality denim jeans. Jeans made of high-end denim materials are soft, durable and offer a superior level of comfort.

So, how do you know if a pair of jeans is made of low-quality or high-quality denim? You can always research the company who is selling it, checking to see what other customers have said. Alternatively, you can feel the denim for yourself. High-quality jeans are soft, smooth and bend easily without feeling stiff. Additionally, you should check to see what materials the jeans are made of. Cheap, low-quality jeans are often made with a combination of regular denim with other fabrics to cut costs.


They Don’t Fit

Of course, one of the most common reasons why jeans are uncomfortable to wear is because they don’t fit. No two people have the exact same body shape and size. As a result, different people require different sized jeans. Here’s the thing, you won’t always find the perfect fit when shopping for jeans at a local retail or department store. There are times when you’ll get lucky and find “the one,” but let’s face it, this rarely happens. The good news is that we make finding the perfect size a quick and easy process. Here at MakeYourOwnJeans, you can specify your body measurements when ordering your pair of custom jeans.
This means you get the perfect fit every time, eliminating the need to visit countless retail stores for a chance to find the right size. As long as you specify your correct body measurements, you’ll receive a pair of jeans that have been customized specifically for your body.

They Haven’t Been Worn In

Jeans typically become softer and more comfortable with age. The more you wear and wash them, the softer they become. Therefore, your current pair of jeans could be uncomfortable because they are still new. If you just recently purchased them, give it time to see if they soften up a bit. Some people even prefer washing new jeans several times before wearing them. The general idea is to “break in” your jeans by wearing down the fabric just enough to make them soft. As the denim fabric becomes broken down, the jeans become softer and more comfortable to wear.

The Tag Rubs Against Your Body

When choosing a new pair of jeans, check to see where the tag is located. If it’s located inside the waistband, either in the front or rear, it may rub against your body. Conventional wisdom should tell you that having a tag rub against your body isn’t particularly comfortable. In some cases, you can remove the tag. In other cases, removing the tag may damage the denim fabric.

You’re Not Wearing Them Right

Finally, perhaps the reason why your jeans are uncomfortable is because you aren’t wearing them the right way. Different cuts, for instance, are intended to be worn on different areas of the waist. Low-rise jeans should be worn lower around the waist, while high-rise jeans should be worn higher. If you try to wear low-rise jeans high on your waist, they may cut into your body. Consider the style of jeans and how it’s meant to be worn. If you aren’t familiar with a particular style, ask for help. Whether shopping for jeans in person or online, you can easily get assistance to help connect you to the right pair of jeans.

In addition to following the advice listed above, there are other steps you can take to make your jeans more comfortable. We’ve talked about this before on our blog, but it’s worth mentioning again that washing jeans with a cup of vinegar makes them softer. Some people may turn their heads at the thought of washing jeans with vinegar, believing it will make them smell. The truth, however, is that vinegar will actually leave your jeans smelling nice and fresh afterwards.

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